Illustration friday: Puppet

  • cover illustration for my book - "SCARABOCCHI SENZA TEMPO NE' SPAZIO"


Dal mio Blog Scarabocchi senza tempo né spazio (Italian only)

Gli "Scarabocchi senza tempo né spazio" sono diventati un libro, il mio secondo libro.

Oltre a contenuti noti, il libro contiene contenuti inediti e illustrazioni.

Spero che lo acquisterete, perchè c'è un po' di tutti voi che mi avete sostenuto durante tutti questi anni dentro al libro.

In più questo significherebbe per me poter continuare a pubblicare.

Potete acquistare il libro cliccando QUI

Tra qualche giorno sarà disponibile anche su Amazon.

Per il moneto vi ringrazio e vi saluto fino alla prossima volta



latest drawings © E.Ru

Boris (pencil)

Cherry (pencil)

I tell you a joke (pencil)

I told you to stop! (pencil)

Jascha (pencil)

Jascha (digital)

Tonno (ink)

Mel (pencil)

Beautiful pain (pencil)

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collaboration: trying to improve my skills using MANGA STUDIO

Hi there,

I hope you are all doing fine.
I see you passing by and I want to thank all the ones taking the time to check my blog:


This is just a quick update to show you my collab with queenz14 (click on the name to get to her dA Gallery)

she is the author of One Way a very interesting Manga.
A lot of young artists are involved in the creation:

there are script writers and manga artists of all skill levels and age (I think I am the oldest  >_<)

here is the group creted to organize the works: dream-catchers-zform

I find this is a very nice initiative!

 well here is my entry number one (page 2 of chapter 3)  [click to see bigger version]

I am supposed to do the next page too....^^'

I have made the drawing traditionally (only lineart) and finished it digitally (that means background, colouring, lettering...) in MANGA STUDIO. This is the second time I used the program and I think I improved a lot: I LOVE IT!

(you can check my first attempt here: you are my inspiration page 2)

that's it for now...

I go back to worrrrrrrk




Manga portfolio and some doodle mood....

Good Morning Dear friends!
Long time no see...
That's because I am very busy (understatement) with so many things (great understatement) that I barely have time to sleep ^_^'

I want to share with you my progress (I am being optimistic)

And my ambitious projects...

here below you'll see my new drawings and my first attempt to a comic...I know...I cannot even walk and I try to run, but i think pushing myslef to do bigger things will help me to improve.
I think the secret is being ready to experience a great failure and learn from it...that's how I am...

I have a completely new portfolio and I am very happy with it. Take a look if you want E.Ru -traditional art.

here we go...(click on images for bigger version)
I am working on charachter consistency...

this is Kel, My OC (© Eva Russo 2010)

ID card:
Full Name: Kel Van Regenmortel
Birthdate: 22/09/1992
height: 185 cm
weight: 78 kg
special features: octopus tattoo on his chest
nationality: Dutch (from Dutch mother and Swedish father)
Nickname: Soho
likes: fishing, playing darts, kissing and sleep naked
dislikes: pijamas, eating meat, birds, wake up early

I am busy with a few comic projects some on my own and some in cooperation with a writer friend of mine

the following pictures are taken from my "graphic novel to be" the howl of the cherry blossom (© Eva Russo 2010)

Brass - the howl of the cherry blossom © Eva Russo 2010

Kopper - the howl of the cherry blossom © Eva Russo 2010

and here the cover to the first part of the story featuring Brass (he is a steampunk ninja...O_o)

This is made all traditionally and the screen tones are applied by hand (old school ^^')
the colouring is ink and copic markers) I hope you like it since I am proud of my ugly duckling ^_^

To finish I want to present you the work I have done by now for my cooperation with Liên C.
the title of the novel is THE LAST COMMAND © Liên C. + Eva Russo 2010

some Character Study for Akira the male main character:

And especially for you the cover and first page of THE LAST COMMAND © Liên C. + Eva Russo 2010

the story is about Yuna a shrine girl and Akira a mysterious samurai with a black tattoed tear under his left eye...

I have have made the storyboard, drawings colouring digital adjustments and lettering and the whole thing myself and that made me understand how limited I still am and how much work there is behind a comic.

I know it's far from being good, but I like it to be my first attempt as un unprofessional ^_^

please, let me know what you think, I will appreciate critique and comments.

Thanks so much for viewing and for bearing with my unsettled self!

I love you all!


Original Characters Gallery

HI there!
Just a quick update to show you my last works.
These are my Original Characters.
You can see them all and more @ Grandiflora on dA



PS: if you click on the pictures you get to see the bigger version

Zombie Pirate

Henry the Dark Mage



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This work by Eva Russo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Lui and Loiret

Love has flying wings

Floating up into blue sky

Spelling I love you
Hi there,
I am back, and i can really say that I did a lot of drawing during my vacation. The above illustration is my "ただいま。" illo (ただいま [tadaima] means "I am back" in Japanese :)
They are Lui an elf and Loiret a pixie, and as you can see they love each other. He can sing and play very good and she's a divine dancer...I hope you enjoy the scene ^_^
My vacation was fine, but I don't really feel like talking about it now...maybe later.
I send you a biiiiiiiig hug and I wish you a nice day!
Write to you soon