What is all about.....

Hi there!

I apologize for not updating these pages for so long...the "coming soon" promise, is becoming like a coming never promise...

Thanks to all people who have visited my site: please come back soon!
Lately, I have been busy with some new illustration project and my little "eyeballed" friends have been left aside for a while.

I am now back with some news from "eyeballand"...enjoy.

[All Eyeball Playmates creations © Grandiflora 2008 are protected from http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/]
all my works related to the Eyeball Playmates and more can be found back on http://grandiflora.deviantart.com/.

Eyeply are really good @ socializing!


And they are cute like him! Say hallo to Mr. Cute Cumber

Eyeply's love ice-cream! .....
Eyball Playmates...a world of colour and Happiness!!!!!

Frome Eyeballand is all for the moment but...STAY
TUNED! ****=^_^=****

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