are they really so tiny?

these are my last Tiny Mini Mu , the one euro cent is among the little cakes for reference.

I am happy about how they came out, especially the Christmas cake.
The orange cane, on the contrary, is not really ok...I have used translucent white for mistake and the little stripes in the orange are almost invisible :-(

I love these ones! Choco-Lemon


I bought these little bottles recently, and I thought about filling them with little stuff! :-)

it si still not exactly what I had in my mind, but I am on the good way I think!!!

I have also made the bottle tops...I hope you like this

I am now planning a valentine version! =^_^=
***coming soon***

=^_^= come back soon to visit me, I'll make you a cup of tea....


rosanna said...

Grazie mille per la visita. mi interessa il tuo libro, andrò a cercarlo e poi ti riferirò.A presto Rosanna

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Grazie a te!
Il tuo blog è meraviglioso...io sono alle prime armi^=^
spero che tornerai a trovarmi e commenterai i miei lavoretti!

Un abbraccio

PS: se leggerai il mio racconto, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi vuoi?