Diary after a "baking night"

Dear Readers,

Tonight I have made a lot of new tiny things.
The table of the living room has become my temporary work place...I still don't have an apart room where I can work, that's why I keep on changing place...

I am quite proud of my clay tray...I have collected a lot of colours and I like how they look like in this box:

here is a view of my tool box

(At this point I was installed and I could work) I first made my "dishes" ...Working "clean" is for me much of a problem, so I have decided to make all my white pieces first, before using any other colour and I have to say that they are neat:

I have decided to make dishes myself since I still cannot find any"Miniatures" shop where I live and I need some dishes for my pastry

-My little "Bread and Pastry Tray"

I am proud of my croissant and the last cakes are also very nice. This picture is not so good, but my camera isn't so good neither =^_^=
I have then tried to make some little chocholates, but I think they look more like "Micro Pastries" their diameter is about 5 mm (0.2")

Below my "Tarte Violette": I like it very much...this is the first time I try to make flowers: it has surely to improve, but I am quite happy being the first attempt! ^_^

To finish my mini food production I have "gone sour" hehehe!!!

Aren't they cute !!!???
Some more of my "baking night" items:
Stuffed bread (:-( not happy about it!!):

****Aladdin Magic Lamp****

This is a "Mini HearTerrarium" My Valentine idea! I want to make a Valentine designed bottle cap too...maybe tonight...

To finish this Post I want to show you something i am
very proud of:

This is a box i have made for a friend of mine, a great artist and a beautiful Person...

I like how it has come out =^_^= ...here some details:

It's all for today...thanks for your visit and don't stay away too long!

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Gioia Made Soap said...

Wow it must be eaten so nicely!
I love this tiny handwork.
Love to hearing from you!