my first Miniature composition

Goodmorning Dear Friends!!!

I have worked again last night. I really wanted to try a composition with mini food. I had made new orange and lemon canes yesterday so I have decided to make a "an orange pie preparation scene". Here below the result:

I still have to colour it and gloss the smashed oranges.

I am quite satisfied, even if the colours of my dough is still not excellent.what do you think?

***é_è*** Please, give me your comments, I would really appreciate some critique!

I was really in the mood for sweets tonight, so I have made a new jewelry set (I am wearing it today! =^_^=) with chocolate-orange studs and ring and a chocolate soft cake with whipped cream, sour fruits and coffee beans necklace.

These are the studs and the ring:

here you see a detail of the necklace:

I am very proud of how the cream has come out. I have developped a new way for making my creams, should anyone be interested I woul be glad to make a tutorial (I'll probably post a poll for it!)

I have also made a new set ring+studs with a "Lapis lazuli like stone" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lapis_lazuli) I will probably be able to post some picts tomorrow.


I want to take the time to show you the swaps I have made by now. I like art trades a lot! It's a nice way to socialize among craftpeople and I love to collect different items of different kinds...

My first Swap has been with Georgette of Gioia Made Soap@ http://gioiasoap.blogspot.com/
she is a very nice lady and her soap is delicious

I sent her two soap dishes:

the bottom

a detail.

Unfortunately, even if they were SUPER packed the coil shaped dish broke down...the thin threads didn't make it :(

it's still usable, but not really as I wanted it to be....:((((

I am planning new soap dishes anyway so Georgette, be prepared for a new sending! xx

here another of my soap dishes, now at my mother in law's....

the bottom

here what Georgette sent to me!!!

these lovely soaps and a CHOCOLATE lip balm! Great! great! great!

here a "zoom in" of my favourite!


My swap with Ashley @ http://www.latuna6.deviantart.com/
I have known her through the deviantArt site***: her clay creations are very cute and she is specialized in figure paintings! check her out she's great!!!

*** my dA galleries @ http://www.grandiflora.deviantart.com

I sent her one of my "HearTerrariums" (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_PVn90nXK2jk/SYqmGkl-RQI/AAAAAAAAAMg/YZEyuZyWYzs/s1600-h/hearterrarium.JPG)

and here is what i found in her parcel:

I love them! thanks Ashley!!!!

Well I bet that it's all for today!

I hope you enjoyed the view and I thank you for keeping up following me!



Seifenliebe said...

Hello !

Nice works :) The soaps from Georgette are great ! See you !


Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Hi Bea and thanks a lot!
yes, the soaps of Georgette are simply devine!