So many ideas and no time at all!!!!!

Tonight I have been working and experimenting. I felt like making new miniatures, even if I am much more into jewels lately, so I made a little bit of each...

Since a few weeks I wanted to try making sauce and drinks out of Fimo liquid, but I couldn't exactly realize what I wanted to do with it. Tonight I had some ideas and here they are...

Tea or Chocolate with little meringues???

Here below at the left is tortellini with fresh tomato sauce...and at the left something that was meant to be spaghetti with squid ink sauce...it's more creepy worms spaghetti, but I am satisfied about the sauce for the time being...

Some new bottle tops for my little "HearTerrariums":

Not really miniature, but not really jewels: here my last display box!

the "shellox" - I have made the shells out of plaster in a casting mould. I like a lot this thing of casting...it's true that you have to stick to the shapes of the moulds but the results are very nice and the objects can be nicely painted and decorated and can be used to decorate boxes or even maiking jewels (I'll show you soon a few "terracotta" jewels I have made...) the box is filled with little white sharp sand and it smells of lavender =^_^=

Now THE JEWELS!.....

The Maple Leaves NeckLace: I have made this completely out of Fimo brown chocolate, orange, and glittery yellow and finished it with gold powder and gloss varnish. The Maple leaves (some of you know this story already) have been the most difficult and challanging part of the project: I have rolled (with a roller) the orange clay to 1 mm (0.04") and I have made it slide into the groove of a cutter used for scrapbooking. After cutting I have taken the leave out of the cutter with a stick and I have laid it on the big beads (made with "swirl" technique!). So that's the story. i like this necklace...it's just a little bit to short, so I am planning to make some more beads to make it longer.

The Forest Set - I called it this way because it reminds me of that tales of elfs and fairies, making jewels out of minerals, plants and berries...I have drawn the pattern and strew gold powder on the pendant and rings before baking.

White and Silver

I have made different kind of beads for this necklace some with a regular form and some others looking like little stones. It is a very long necklace with a ring going with it.

Metal framed rings (my favourite!!!!)

Wizard of Oz ring

I have made a very simple pair of pensdant earrings to with it, But I still don't have pictures of them...

Betcee-May Ring

Well, for the moment it's all. I am planning to do a lot of new miniatures in the weekend and I am getting crazy to find some miniature stuff like dishes, little cutlery, glass jars...It seems they are nowhere to find near where I leave... :(
I have to leave you now...I hope you have enjoyed my new pieces.
Hugs to all of you

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