Super weekend and some updates...

Hallo Everybody!

I am back after an amusing-not relaxing weekend in Disneyland!

First of all I want to thank my new watchers:

Minna @http://minnasdollhouses.blogspot.com/
Kat @ http://minikatslittlethoughts.blogspot.com/

Check their blogs because they are really cool! =^_^=

Now…I would like to share with you some of the best moments I had in Disneyland….

Here you see me with my one and only HERO!!!! STITCH!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Some more hugs!.... (the pictures taken in the night are not so sharp...my camera has its limits....)

With Baloo: that was the best hug ever! hehehehehe....

With Robin Hood's Friar Tuck

with Remi (from Ratatouille)

...and with Pluto

That was really a cool weekend! :-)

Now a little bit of my crafty efforts before leaving for Paris //^_^\\

I made new buttons - Maple Leaves Collection-

The maple leaves are made with a cutter of the ones you use for scrapbooking...that was a hard stuff! I have had to roll the clay very, very thin (and I don't have a pasta machine so I did it with a simple roller!). It was really hard to let the clay slide into the cutter and taking it our of the machine after cutting was not simple either...but the result is very nice. This is by now my favourite buttons collection!

I made new charms (I have already given away the most part of them :) these are with coffee beans, lemon, peppermint, orange and strawberry!

here you have a detail of the coffee-orange and strawberry's charms


I am preparing a new box (and this is taking longer than I thought...) I have drawn a flower motive on the sides and I am painting it with watercolours (I want to finish it with gloss after colouring), I have applied some Fimo flowers decoration and I have covered the top with crossed ribbons, but i still have a lot of work!

Last but not least my "butterflox" a display box containing dried flowers, cinnamon sticks, black sand and paper butterflies. I have scented it with cinnamon powder and now it smells delicious!!!

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