Welcome to Rosa...updates and projects!!!

Good Morning!

First of all I want to say Welcome to Rosa @ http://dovelotrovoiltempo.blogspot.com/ her felt
creations are splendid! pass by and say hallo to her you'll find plenty of great stuff!

Benvenuta Rosa! Ho fatto un giro completo del tuo blog e lo trovo fantastico! A presto! =^_^=

Now...back to the point...

Visiting all these blogs about felt made me feel like trying to work with it.
It's actually since a couple of weeks that I am feeling some "creation itching" about this felt thing...here below you have a picture of what I have bought yesterday:

I know the felt sheets are small, but I have to begin somewhere. I want to try some little stuff first and I am planning to cover some boxes with it, I want to make flowers using the buttons I have made in Fimo....You'll be updated soon =^_^=

I am excited!...I want to learn making felt myself with wool...but that's how I am: I have no patience and I want to be able to do everything! =_='...I'l try to slow down...

Yesterday evening I have begun a little project with crochet hook...it's more complicated than I remembered, but being such a long time I don't do that I think it's coming out decently. ***You'll see the pictures soon***.

***back to clay***

I have bought new metal enclosures for my jewels and three teeth boxes to make some more little Lubils!

I have a lot of projects, but I am having some problems in working, I think the illness of last month is still giving me problems; I am always very tired and having pain in my back and my arms. I am taking vitamines and I hope it is going to help me out of this "tired mood".

To finish this post I want to present you two new friends:


it's a very small baby flower (the whole composition is 6 cm - 2.4" long) This is now property of my daughter Laura, who gently gave me permission to take pictures of it.


Is a field mouse (2,5 cm-1" tall) - I have bought the hat in a hobby shop and that gave me the idea for a composition.

Now I have to go, I hope you enjoyed my updates

Crafty hugs xxx


rosanna said...

Non vedo l'ora di sapere cosa vuoi combinare con il feltro. Non l'ho mai usato e sono curiosa. Buon divertimento

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Ho così tante idee per la testa! capita anche a te di soffrire di indigestione creativa???
spero di riprendermi e di riuscire a combinare qualcosa questa sera! :-)
Grazie per essere passata