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their blogs are really beautiful and their creations really worthy to be seen! =^_^=
Merylu & Meli thanks for reading my blog!!!!

Laura's Tales

Laura is my daughter, she is almost five years (4 years, 10 months, 3 weeks and 6 days) old and she is an artist, she likes to model with clay, to work with paper but most of all she like drawing.

yesterday when I came home she had made two tales for me (she knows I like reading) "the tale of the monster" and "the tale of the elf princess". She has made the illustration and she told her grandmother to write the story for her...
I have scanned the drawings for you, since the story is in Dutch I will write a little translation above every drawing enjoy the reading....
"the tale of the monsters"

This is the story of the monsters. The monster came at the house of marina and Luc (Evilla's comment: my in law's =^_^=)

the monster had caught all the people, and they lived until they were old and they closed the people in to the treasure-chest

The handsom knight Luk came to rescue the people in the tower

well...I think this is great, but she is my daughter and I have to admit I love all she does =^_^=
Now...the second one...

"the tale of the elf princess"
The Princess goes to the Witch in the high, high tower

The Witch has closed the Princess in a crumbling (very poor) tower.

The princess changes into a colourful elf

I was really happy about my present and I have made her a lot of compliments
!! She is always very critical about herself and I think she does very good for her age!!
...little "coming soon" update...
1) my present for a special friend is ready (what I have been fervidly working at in the last week), but I will have to wait that she receives it before posting the pictures: it's a surprise! The parcel will leave on saturday.
2) I am making a doll with felt...a very simple old fashioned doll é_è
3) I have bought wool to try to make felt myself (=_=') I couldn't resist....
4) I want to make some more buttons especially designed to make felt flowers with them...
and now it's really all dear friends...I promise some updates before the weekend ^_^


elena fiore said...

Ciao Eva, grazie per il tuo commento.
Mi piace molto il titolo del tuo libro...peccato che oggi ho il Mac che va a rilento e non riesco ad aprire le immagini del tuo blog (copertina libro compresa!).
Grazie ancora, ciao.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Grazie Mille per essere passata! per me è un grande onore e un piacere. Spero che tornerai e darai quelche occhiata e mi dirai cosa pensi dei miei pasticcetti!