welcome to P1r4t3wench who is joining the followers of my Blog! Thanks a lot!!!

Please, if you have a blog or a own site let me know so that i can put the link in this post!!!

I have 11 followers what an honour! =^_^=

crafty hugs to all of you and to the new friends I still didn't meet!



rosa said...

Hi, you linked me and I found you... this is great!! Your work is fantastic, I couldn't read all your posts but I like all what I saw. I've never used clay, it seems too difficult to me, but your blog lighted a lamp in my head.....will I try to play with clay?? Who knows, may be in the future. I'm playing with wool and making felt in the meantime....
Happy to meet you, A hug from Italy

rosa said...

...ed io che ti ho scritto in Inglese...!!!
Sono proprio felice di conoscerti!!! I tuoi lavori mi trasmettono allegria e voglia di creare!!!!
A presto, un abbraccio e buona primavera a te!!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Ti ringrazio carissima! buonissima primavera anche a te e se hai un po' di sole che ti avanza mandamelo su in Belgio...qui la primavera si fa attendere!!!!

a risentirci!