I am happy really happy!

I feel like when I was a child and my mom came home with an unespected present. The excitment while opening the parcel, and the joy of finding something you wanted so much...well, that's exactly what happened to me yesterday.

Since a few days I was expecting a parcel from Debbie (http://debbiestinytreasures.blogspot.com/) and I thought it would have been yesterday, so before going to my in laws and pick up my daughter I passed at home to check the mail box...nothing!!!"OK" I said to myself "it will be tomorrow".

But there was a surprise waiting for me: the parcel didn't fit in the mail box so, our incredibly gentle postman had delivered it at my in laws to avoid me a trip to the post office (I love the postaman =^_^=)!!!

I couldn't resist and made it open immediately with my little girl litterally trying to fit in the box to check the content before me!!! (that was fun >_<) here is what I found (the pictures have been taken only this morning @ 6am...so you miss the fun of the moment :( I should go around with my camera!):

the box


here some close ups:

I love the mini cutlery!!! it's so cute!!!

The under cakes are a dream!!! I even didn't know they existed!

Serving plates! I give you an anticipation: I plan to make mini roast-beef! (one of my favourite meat meals)


IT IS GOING TO BE be CLAY PLAY! @ Prunella's house tonight and I hope to be able to show you some new stuff after the weekend.

NOW...some update on my sewing-chrochet-embroidery and whatever projects...(I know, I know...I should decide what I want to become...miniaturist or what? the problem is that i like everything!)
Laura's bag :
I have made a very special shoulder strap with three laces: two of them are forming a big chain and one is loose

I have made eyelets at the sides of the purse and I am probably going to make some little clay daisies in the colours of the bag to hang there.
The size of the purse is of about 11 (4.3") x11 cm
soft sewing set holder:
I am trying to make a "something" to keep some sewing material (a pair of scissors, some embroidery threads, needle(s)...) I don't have a sewing machine so I will hand-sew it completely...I am having a lot of fun!
It's made of felt filled with some kitchen Hoover Foam Filter (I couldn't find anything better, but it works good and if it has to filter air that you have to breath it cannot really be toxic?! sorry if I am mental sometimes!!!)
I am going to decorate it with some bees and flowers... =^_^= ...the project is still under construction...

it will be full of handy pockets and holders inside (you can see the temporary sketch of the structure in the pict below)

My hand made felt and some ideas...
I finally could make a piece of felt quite big and without holes =^_^=
I was thinking to make a prse of it combining it with ribbons and other materials...
I accept further ideas...

the colours are really not planned, it was still a test...I like it anyway...

and LAST BUT NOT LEAST a bookmark..
It's a kit for a crossed-stiched bookmark I have found and I could't resist to buy it.
but this is just for info...I have just begun with it
I hope you liked my last updates and I thank you for your visit :-)
Have a pleasant sunny weekend


rosanna said...

Tutto bellissimo! è come tornare bambine!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

davvero!!! io sono alle stelle! Non so da che parte incominciare ad usare le miniature che Debbie mi ha mandato...mi dispiace persino...

Debbie said...

Eva I'm so pleased that you were Happy with the parcel. Happy Miniature Making..
Mini Hugs

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Oh, Debbie!!!!!I know that I am doing childish with all these exclamation marks!! '>_<'!! hihi!


but I think that it's a gift when you are still able to feel that unconditional joy typical of childhood: you have given that to me with you kind parcel and I will surely enjoy! thanks again!

Happy hugs =^_^=

MammaChicca said...

Che meraviglia queste miniature!!
E bravissima per l'esperimento di feltro!!
Grazie per essere passata sul mio blog :)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Grazie a te per i complimenti!
Torna presto a trovarmi!
Un abbraccio creativo

Roberta said...

Piatti, posatine...tutto è pronto per preparare un delizioso mini pranzetto...Huuummm sento già il profumo.
Buon divertimento
baci baci

rosa said...

Ciao Eva, il tuo entusiasmo è contagioso....aspetto di vedere i piattini riempiti!
Ho visto che hai fatto anche feltro e che hai scelto i miei colori preferiti!!!Sabato scorso ho partecipato ad un corso di nuno feltro e ho lavorato la lana merino con lo chiffon di pura seta...bellissimo! Puoi vedere i risultati se fai un salto da me e magari farci un pensierino!! Sono sicura ti piacerebbe....avremmo solo bisogno di una giornata di 36 ore....io ne userei qualcuna per provare a lavorare il fimo
1 abbraccio e buon lavoro

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@ roberta: grazie mille per essere passata :-), le miniature di Debbie sono davvero magnifiche vero! Mi ha fatto devvero un regalone!!!!
Torna presto a trovarmi!
Baci baci anche a te ^_^

@rosa: 36 ore sono ancora poche...passerò sicuramente a vedere il tuo blog! Il mio feltro lascia davvero a desiderare...comunque mi diverto! sono anche i miei colori preferiti sai?
Io mi entusiasmo per tutto, hehe...e così faccio milioni di cose, provo mille tecniche...e non dormo abbastanza *_*
Grazie per essere passata!
A presto

Daisy said...

Beautiful gifts!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Daisy: Indeed Daisy! I am a blessed miniaturist! Crafty Hugs