Last Update before Easter and some surprises for u...

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank you for all the messages you left in my posts and for the encouraging words and compliments (a special hug to Rosanna and Debbie: you guys are simply great!)

I couldn't do any minis in the last 3 nights...because I fell asleep
....hehe...I know It's not an excuse, but I probably needed some rest =^_^=
I went on with my crosstitched bookmark and I have begun a crochet quilted blanket - I bought some soft wool and I will make some squares stitch them together with a nice thread or ribbon and decorate it with some self made flowers (maybe in felt...still don't know...) here below the beginning of it:

Do you know quilling?
The web is full of images from a great creator lately, her name is Yulia Brodskaya and she makes something she calls paper Graphics...which is an extreme, incredibly crafty, artistic form of quilling.
you can chek it here:
I LOVE HER WORKS, so colourful and curly!!!!!
I always liked quilling and i was doing it a lot when I was a child...looking at her works I thought I am going to make my Easter decorations that way so I made some excercice yesterday

Laura is in Love with this quilling thing, she is simply delighted from the paper curls, so I plan to do it with her in the next days...and with my mom!!!!
YES! my family comes to Belgium for the Easter vacation: my mom (she is a crafty lady herself but not really into blogging!), dad and youngest brother!
I am so happy. Alessandro, my brother, is a very crafty guy he made some miniatures for me in the past (I'll have to post a picture once...) and he promised me we will try to make a doll's house while he is here :-)
That's the reason of the title "last updates before Easter"...I won't probably have time to connect in the next days...
I went to the hobby shop yesterday, the one where I buy all my stuff, and I have picked up a couple of things:

three vintage Flemish postcards and three sets for cross stitch:
a mini kit showing a teapot, a little bag with a bird and a new bookmark (the one I am making is destined to my mom)
that's where the part "some surprises for you" comes to the scene:
I am looking for material to make an art journal, a very special one, it will include some written stuff, multimedia decorations, some gadgets,.....(and more) and I am planning to organize a "candy" for it as soon as it is finished. So stay tuned because this will be my present for you.
this is the (for the moment) chosen notebook for the journal:

I know it doesn't show much for the moment, but that will change =^_^=
what can I say...thanks thanks thanks to all of you for making my blog so special to me!
Lots of Love


rosanna said...

Ciao Eva, non essere arrabbiata con te stessa, è davvero troppo crudele. Non possiamo fare finta di non essere in casa e non è bene vivere di sentimenti negativi; dobbiamo imparare a darci una chance!! il gioco sicuramente ci aiuta perchè permette di esplorare in noi una dimensione sconosciuta ai più e perciò tanto più preziosa.
Tornando alle cose serie: dove metto le mie cosine? OVUNQUE trovo un buco! di solito dentro scatole più grandi con dei divisori ma Walter comunque si lamenta che ho sparso mini dappertutto.
No, non è vero: in bagno non c'è ancora niente...per ora.

Kim said...

Thank you for the link to Yulina- beautiful work!! I also loved quilling as a child, but I have never seen work as amazing as hers! How wonderful that you have your family coming for Easter-- I hope you have a blessed Easter and that you have fun working on that dollhouse with your brother :)


Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Rosanna: Grazie Grazie!!! anche il mio Davy si lamenta delle mie mini....=^_^= proverò con le scatolone come mi hai suggerito e ti farò sapere...

@kim: You're right Kim, her works are simply amazing...I think she uses some cartonboard and I think they are huge! fabulous!...thanks for your wishes, I wish you a happy easter as well and a lot of spring feelings!!!!

Debbie said...

Eva I wish you and your family a fun filled Easter, hope you all have a wonderful time.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Thanks Debbie, for you and your family the same!