Looney Eva...

Good Morning,

I would like to open this post with a poem of my favourite writer (Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud (Charleville, 20 October 1854 – Marseille, 10 November 1891):

It has been found again.
What? – Eternity.
It is the sea fled away
With the sun.

Sentinel soul,
Let us whisper the confession
Of the night full of nothingness
And the day on fire.

From humain approbation,
From common urges
You diverge here
And fly off as you may.

Since from you alone,
Satiny embers,
Duty breathes
Without anyone saying: at last.

Here is no hope,
No orietur.
Knowledge and fortitude,
Torture is certain.

It has been found again.
What? – Eternity.
It is the sea fled away
With the sun.

May 1872****

Yes, that's my mood today, symbolic and abstract...maybe it's due to the moon...full of meaning and completely meaningless...


After this critical start =^_^=

I am ready to present you my clay play of the past days... the pictures are really bad, my apologies for it, I couldn't do any better...

Since a few days I had this idea of making a ring completely made of clay...just to try...

The result doesn't displease me...it fits good and it's comfortable to wear, it's kind of cute, but I suppose it's really fragile...we'll see how long it lasts: I'll keep you informed! =é_è=

Still in the category charms and jewels I have made a new violet charm I like these ones and every time I make them I find someone who likes it and I have to begin again =^_^=

these are the decorations for the clothes pegs I was writing you about...I didn't have time to glue them yet...the two flowers on the left are a trial...I would like to make a little bouquet and I am "experimenting"...

As I told you I am under the influence of a dark moon today and I am getting some strange ideas (with the result that I am not able to realize them practically and I get annoyed :-), I want to make myself a little beach: I have some little wooden trays with borders...possibly 7x7 cm, and I am planning to fill them with sand shells and rocks...so a little corner of sea for me =^_^=

I have begun with the shells...

please, tell me that I am crazy é_è!

To celebrate the spring, I have made a little bottled bunny.....

Poppy (that's his name) is much nicer in real....

....and a yellow flowery celebration cake (this will land on one of Debbie's fabulous paper under cakes!), the cake is covered in sugar (pearl coloured) and it is scented with vanilla essential oil!

I cannot miss a little bit of magic...here you have my little magic wands....

Well, that's all for now,
I wish you a bright day full of lovely feelings and sweet surprises

Take care


****(original version:
Elle est retrouvée.
Quoi? - L'Éternité.
C'est la mer allée
Avec le soleil.

Âme sentinelle,
Murmurons l'aveu
De la nuit si nulle
Et du jour en feu.

Des humains suffrages,
Des communs élans
Là tu te dégages
Et voles selon.

Puisque de vous seules,
Braises de satin,
Le Devoir s'exhale
Sans qu'on dise : enfin.

Là pas d'espérance,
Nul orietur.
Science avec patience,
Le supplice est sûr.

Elle est retrouvée.
Quoi ? - L'Éternité.
C'est la mer allée
Avec le soleil.
Mai 1872)


Kim said...

I am interested to see how your clay ring holds up- I think it is a good idea! I adore the bunny in the bottle and I cannot wait to see your beach- I think it is a fabulous idea! Your work is always so very nice!

Roberta said...

Mi piace molto l'idea dell'anello e , visto che sono una patita di questi oggetti, ne proverò a fare uno anche io...anche gli altri oggetti sono bellissimi, complimenti!
Un bacione e aspetto di vedere altre foto.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Kim: hi kim, thanks for the support on my "beach idea"...I hope to be able to show you soon some pictures...

@Roberta: grazie Roberta! non sai che piacere mi faccia ricevere un complimento da te! adoro le tue creazioni! Un abbraccio