Saturday's minis

Hi Dear Friends,
I am back after my satisfactory breakfast n.1 (^_^) to show you my last 'finished works':

This is a Violet Medallion I have made for a far away friend who still doesn't know that she will get this...mmh...complicated to explain, but it will soon be disclosed...^_^
This has a diameter of about 5 cm and it will be finished with a ribbon (I still have to find a suitable one!)
In the language of flowers Violet can mean faithfullness that's why I think it's a good symbol to begin friendship!
Laura's Little bag is finished and she likes it a lot (she uses it to hold her cookies...not really what I had in mind but...as long as she has liked it...)

I have added a violet star button to close it and a little violet flower charm at the side
and now we begin with the real

Glitter Words :
I have begun using Debbie's plates! WHAT A FUN!!!! it is so nice to have "real" plates to fill!!!
These is an assortment of Belgian Pastries: petit pain au chocolat, a round raizin pastry, croissants and butter pastry :-)

Below the first salad I have ever tried - the things I like of it: the sliced tomatoes, the little basilicum leaves, the feta cheese little pieces and the egg...the things I am not happy about: the salad: even if it is better in real than in the picture, but I think I will ask the book of Angie Scarr for my birthday...I need to get better in vegetables - the yellow pepper.....

This is the Sacher Cake...in the real macro life this is my favourite cake!!!
I am really satisfied about them, it's the first time I don't have to claim about something!
And aren't they pretty in Debbie's dish? I hope you like them.
In the tutorial they were peaches, but I changed the basis colour and the chalk colour to get abricots. In the same way you can have plums using plum colour.
Well, I go back to work now.
I hope you enjoyed my new updates!
Take Care


Roberta said...

Complimenti, sono splendide le tue minis, dino davvero "mangiami".
Mi piace molto anche la borsina.
Sei davvero molto brava.
Un saluto

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Grazie mille Roberta! Mi piacerebbe riuscire a fare delle roombox come le tue (cfr. il tuo meraviglioso bagno)

Appena farai una cucina, ti farò un bel piatto di frutta! ok?

Un abbraccio!

rosa said...

Eva,le tue minis sono bellissime!!!!Anche il ciondolo per la tua amica mi piace tanto , e poi la violetta è il mio fiore di campo preferito! Sabato ho comprato 9 panetti di cernit, mi sono procurata un fornetto elettrico....e ora non ha il coraggio di cominciare....mi sembra tutto così difficile!!! Ma ci proverò presto.... 1 abbraccio dall'Italia

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Carissima Rosa,

Avrei molto piacere di inviarti un paio di cosine fatte da me :-)così le vedi da vicino se ti va...puoi usare il modulo nel mio blog per inviarmi il tuo indirizzo. Solo se vuoi naturalmente :-)

e per quanto riguarda il Cernit: buttati! una volta che avrai iniziato non riuscirai più a smettere!

Buon lavoro e buona fortuna!
Un abbraccio da una creativa folle :-)

MiniKat said...

Such lovely foods! And I think your friend will love the violet medallion. :-)

Debbie said...

Eva looks like you've been having lots of fun filling the plates.
Mini Hugs

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Kat: thanks Kat! the medallion is ready, I have found a very elegant ribbon ^_^. Thanks again for leaving a comment that makes me really happy!

@Debbie: I am really enjoying! I have taken out some nicely illustrated cook magazines and I am doing my best to reproduce...as you can see the salad is not really ok :-p...but the fun is 100%!!!

Crafty Hugs

Saskia said...

Wow.... your mini's are great! :)

You are so creative!! Lovely and unique work!!


Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Thanks Saskia,

I have given a look to your blog and I immediately followed you!

Very nice creation and original works!

Thanks for your visit! I hope you'll be back soon.

Groetjes van Sint-Amands ;-)

PS: my written Dutch is not good enough to make a whole message without mistakes :-)

Roberta said...

Un saluto e un augurio di buona pasqua.
Un abbraccio

P.s: La mia prossima roombox sarà in effetti una cucina; ho già pareti ed altre cose fatte ma non riuscivo a fare un pavimento decente...ora ho trovato come farlo e quindi devo al più presto mettermi all'opera. Aspetto poi un pò di frutta!!