Some news from Prunella's Cove (Part I)

Dear friends,

I hope you are doing fine and that wherever you are the sun is shining!

The Easter vacations have been a very "dense" moment for me, not only because of the visit of my family, but also for some reorganization I have made and decisions I have taken.

I have made a further clean up of my "hobby closets" (maybe I will be courageous and post some picts...but I still don't know ^_^') and I have gained new space, so that my livingroom looks a little bit more like a living room again...

I have closed "Grandiflora's Cove" (my first web site where the stories of Evilla Prunella the witch have first been told): I have begun writing again and the story of Evilla will be the next I will send to the publisher...after my first book (La mia vita in una scatola di biscotti) I have fallen in a sort of "I-will-never-be-able-to-write-another-book" feeling, but talking with my mom has given me some new inspiration. Since yesterday I am working at my first big fantasy novel!

I have sorted out the hobbies I will keep on doing and decided not to be tempted from new techniques anymore:
1st and I'll never stop not even under torture love: Polymer clay - I'll never give up the minis!
2nd playing with paper and colours: drawing, painting, quilling, making cards...
3rd my new love for crochet: this is easy and relaxing, something I can do watching tv or in the garden.
voilà! What do you think?

I know that I am easy to charm when it's about hobbies, but I think that concentrating on something will help me to get better in it...(hehe I am really making a book of this post!!!!
Now stop with the "talk-talk" thing and let's post some pictures!

When my family came we went for a day to Antwerp. It was nice weather and it was quiet crowded here some pictures:

This man (the real man is the one in the middle the only one in another scale!) is very popular in Antwerp, he always plays the statue near to the Cathedral =^_^=

These guys were playing really good!!! and my daughter (not in the picture...) was dancing (so funny)...

Here you have an Italian in Belgium: the nicest boy hanging around alias my brother Alessandro, the only one of the family who had the courage to have a picture of him on my blog! isn't he fabulous??!!! =^_^=


I have made some clay play with my mom, who liked that a lot...she will try clay play too since she received from me a set to make fimo frames (http://www.creadivers.nl/images/shop/product/krs_118003_8113s.jpg)

here the result of a "clay play afternoon":



This was just a trial with flowers, I am quite happy with it...my mom too and she has taken it for herself! ^_^

A little break to eat the sweets my mom and dad brought from Italy (almonds paste and black chocolate)...

...then back to work for some tiny mini mu....

Some more chocolate cake...yummi!!!!!

A choco-lemon two layers cake...I would like to have your opinion on it...what do you think? any suggestions?

A coffee sponge cake (it's also gone with my mom...)

and some mini choco crisp cookies

To finish, I was in the mood for some little people so I have made a little sister to Tatina...

Little Fairy

Little Fairy,
Shine so bright.
Little Fairy,
Show your light.

Little Fairy,
I’m amazed.
Little Fairy,
You seem to blaze.

Little Fairy,
I love your allure.
Little fairy,
You are so pure.

Little fairy,
In case you flee,
Little fairy,
First shine on me.

a poem by Brittany Strang click for more

Show yourself little Serenella!!!!

Oops! she is sleeping....=^_^=

With Serenella sleeping so nicely I wish you a good day and I wait for you to come back tomorrow with the second part of my Easter Crafts!

Tiny Hugs!




Debbie said...

Eva looks like you've been very busy and that you had a wonderful time with your family. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations..
Mini Hugs

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Yes Debbie! it has been great! My mom was delighted from your presents and works (I have shown her your sites). Now I have to wait until July to see them again, so I decided to do a lot of minis to let the time pass quicker :-)
Crafty Hugs

Country Lou said...

Eva, e così tu scrivi. Anch'io. Quest'anno mi è stato pubblicato un racconto. Tu sei caduta nel buco nero del nonriusciròmaipiùascrivere..beh è capitato anche a me, credo che capiti a tutti quelli che scrivono. Anch'io ho una storia in mente, ma dovrei abbandonare tutto e dedicarmi solo alla scrittura..chi lo sa.
ti abbraccio e continua sempre così, non smettere mai.

Kim said...

I love Serenella! She is adorable! Everything you made looks wonderful and how terrific that you were able to have so much fun with your Mom! I admire your choice to cut back on the hobbies you do- I need to do that too, but I have not been able to so far!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Luisa: che bello! e come si chiama il tuo libro? E' in libreria o bisogna comperarlo on line? di cosa parla?

>_< Mammaaa quante domande!!!

ma dai, fammi sapere!

Eh, sì...bisognerebbe concentrarsi solo su quello per poter scrivere e io con i miei mille siti web e i miei mille hobby sto trascurando le "mie storie"...

Ti ringrazio per l'incoraggiamento! Un abbraccio dal Belgio (grigio e piovoso al momento)

@Kim: thanks Kim!
=^_^= Serenella is really nice only sleeping and being happy! an ideal little friend!

That was really cool with my family and since my mother is also a crafty lady in love with the things I love, it's easy to have fun and moreover she understands my excitement.

I don't know how strong I will be and resist not to get back to the old 'hobby-habit' haha we'll see

Take Care dear friend!
Crafty hugs

Country Lou said...

Cara Eva,
ho partecipato con un racconto all'antologia dal titolo "Fiocco Rosa. Gravidanza e maternità nei racconti delle donne italiane" edita da Fernandel e uscita nelle librerie a gennaio di quest'anno. La puoi acquistare anche on line sul sito della casa editrice. Il mio racconto s'intitola Terminal Casa e narra di una donna che rinuncia al lavoro con l'arrivo del suo primo figlio.
Vorrei anch'io concentrarmi di più sulla scrittura, avrei bisogno di più tempo e lasciar perdere per un po' le borse..chi lo sa...
Nel frattempo ti abbraccio!!
Luisa V.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@ Luisa:

lo cercherò :-)

Io ho incominciato un grosso progetto. Credo che mi ci vorranno degli anni per finirlo...ma ho appena scoperto che JK Rowling a pubblicato a 31 anni e che tutta la creazione di Harry Potter dalla nascita alla pubblicazione ha richiesto 6 anni...abbiamo ancora speranze non credi???

Un abbraccio di supporto da scrittrice a scrittrice!

Country Lou said...

Grazie del supporto Eva, adesso so che c'è qualcuno che mi può capire!! Continua col tuo progetto, bisogna crederci. In quanto a me, ho deciso che a giugno mi prenderò un po' di pausa per raccogliere le idee e vedere cosa salta fuori, ma non ho fretta, come la buona Rowling insegna!! A proposito..non lo sapevo che ci avesse messo così tanto.
Un abbraccio..da scrittrice a scrittrice, e da hobbista a hobbista!!