Thanks Rosanna!!!!

Dear friends,

This little post to show you the wonderful surprise I have received from Rosanna! =^_^=
She has sent me a little chest with a lot of cookies and cakes and two mini cross-stitched works!
here some pictures!

Rosanna!!! I love these a lot! they are so nicely made and so tiny!!!! Thanks so much!

You have even made my favourite cookies!!!!

Dear Friends...isn't this great???!!!!

...And the nicest thing is that this was Rosanna's way to celebrate my book! the title of my book is (translated in English) "my life in a box of cookies" and she made a small cookie box for me!

That's such a nice present...really something so near to my heart!

Thanks Rosanna, you really made my day!!!!

Big Big Big Hug!

and a big hug to all of you dear friends...


PS: Our Mini Blogging World is a world of friendship and good feelings...=^_^=


Saskia said...

Wow... wat een prachtige verrassing!! Hé... is je boek ook in het Nederlands te verkrijgen? Ben benieuwd!! Zoveel talent!


**Bloggen is inderdaad zoooo leuk!! Allemaal toffe mensen :) **

rosanna said...

Ciao Eva, felice che ti siano piaciuti. A presto

Kim said...

Everything is so sweet! I love the little quilled butterfly on the little box too! Lucky girl!!! Rosanna is very talented!

MiniKat said...

What wonderful gifts! I agree the mini bloggers are some of the best people in the world. :-)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@ Saskia: Hoi Saskia! Mijn boek is voorlopig allen in het Italiaans. Thanks a lot for your compliments! Have a nice day. Crafty hugs =^_^=

@Rosanna: grazie davvero cara Rosanna...spero che apprezzerai ciò che ti porterà il postino...
un abbraccissimo :-)

@Kim: Kim, I completely agree, Rosanna is incredibly talented! the quilled butterfly is really fabulous...so is all the rest! I am lucky indeed =^_^=
Crafty hugs!

@MiniKat: indeed Kat, it's necessary to be "lovely" to make good miniatures I think...it requests so much effort and dedication. I am happy I could get in touch with all of you! take care

Debbie said...

Rosanna is a wonderful creative Lady. I'm so glad I found her in blog land.. Beautiful Gifts x