Good Morning to all of you dear friends and a very big WELCOME! to my new reader Luisa @ http://countrylou.blogspot.com !

She makes wonders with fabric! I have visited her blog and I have immediately fallen in love with her creations!

Please, check her site out it's really worthy a visit or two, or three, or....

Yesterday it was "Mom, I feel sick" evening at Prunella's house so...I really did nothing *O*

...I just read a little bit of "5/4 of the orange" by Joanne Harris before sleeping

for the ones who know Joanne Harris ("chocolat" - "the lollipop shoes"-"blackberry wine" - "coastliners"...) the word FABULOUS BOOK will probably not be a surprise and for the others...well, I sincerely advise you to read this book, full of flavours, colours and sounds of the French Countryside during the German occupation of France, seen from the eyes of a child...(but I don't tell you more, in case you decide to read it :)

For the ones among you who can read Italian, I have made a little site of book reviews and other stories...http://lastregascrittrice.wordpress.com/

About books...My book has now a own website too also in Italian...http://lamiavitainunascatoladibiscotti.wordpress.com/

(Ok...I stop the adverts now!!! haha)

I wish you all a very nice day



Country Lou said...

You're so kind!
You are a talented crafter,too.
Thanks again.
Big hugs!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Ciao Luisa! Grazie a te per essere passata e ti assicuro che non ho esagerato, sei bravissima!
Grazie per i complimenti e per esserti "iscritta" al mio blog!
Torna presto a trovarmi eh!
Un saluto creativo dal Blgio