Does it have to be something? (today me gibberish)

This object is just meant to be nice for the principle of Hedonism and individualism. I see it as a bookmarks, but following the law of Egoism you can see it as a flag or a bracelet or a napkin holder....or nothing at all.


I have been thinking about my objectives.

I am 33 (almost 34) and I want to have objectives =^_^=

I have spent my whole life till now following paths bringing (or pretending to bring) to useful things:

study languages because it is useful for your professional future, study exactly "THAT" languages because they are languages of countries with an increasing economical level, if you need a hobby you have to do sports because it is useful for your conditions...

But does everything needs to have a label "this is a xxxx and you can use it for xxx"?

This is a concept that interests me a lot and that I wanted to share.

Partially the idea of Hedonism and Individualism but in a more playful way...not to be taken so seriously...

the achievement of beauty for itself, decoration for the pleasure of having something nice to look at or hold in your hands or...STEP ON!

I have been working yesterday evening just to focus on some details and I have to confess that it was great fun: choose materials, colours, shapes, put them together, just focusing on the colours impact structure, pattern, material combinations, just using the senses to create without really "reasoning"...of course stitching is a very good media for such a foolish program...

This is a very good exercise to fight the stress...

Well...Thubat's uball frubiends!...

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I hope you'll keep on following your old friend Evilla Prunella even if sometimes she just freaks out =^_^=

Any suggestion about this new crazy wave will be more than welcome!

Crafty Hugs



PS: ubbidubbi


Saskia said...


Je hebt een prachtig 'iets' gemaakt! :)

Ha, *ik doe niet aan sport*ik lees en knutsel graag*ik doe nooit té veel huishoudelijk werk*ik rijd niet met de wagen*ik doe vrijwilligerswerk op school*

.... mag ik nu bij je clubje??



Caseymini said...

Eva,you have a new award over at my place. Please come and get it!

rosanna said...

Ciao Eva, ho ricevuto la lettera... Grazie.
A proposito del fare le cose solo per loro stesse... e cosa sono le nostre mini? pura inutilità ma osì importanti per noi. Benedetto sia colui/colei che trova piacere nell'inutile quando non crea danno a nessuno

Country Lou said...

Sempre intelligente nelle osservazioni e mai scontata! Brava Eva..e poi ognuno ci vede quel che ci vuol vedere nelle cose, senza idee preformate, liberi di scegliere è il mio motto!!
Un abbraccio.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Saskia: Jij bent zeker in de club:
The club of amazing people caring and making wonders with their hands!

Nice to know that you don't sport! Sometimes I feel lonely in my "no-sport" attitude! :)


@Casey: So many many thanks Casey! I am super happy with the awards you gave me!
Crafty Hugs

@Rosanna: che dire cara Rosanna? Tu cogli sempre il punto...mi aggiungo a la lode dell'inutile!
Un abbraccissimo

@Country Lou: Cara Luisa grazie dei complimenti!Sono felice che tu condivida il mio pensiero di "libera interpretazione" dell'arte ;-)
Un abbraacio a te cara amica