Laura's Party

Good Morning Everyone,

The weekend was incredibly busy but also incredibly nice!!!!

On Friday I have organized all I needed for the party: balloons, decorations, table cloths, glasses, and napkins HAD to be of Disney Princesses...Laura's decision...

even the bags with the little candy treats for her friends.....BUT YOU CANNOT DISCUSS ABOUT THIS,,,NOT ON HER SPECIAL DAY,,,,,+_+,,,,,

We have been able to set all up in our garden, and the weather has been merciful... =^_^=

As I had told you in the previous post I intended to make some "finger-dolls" in felt as thanks for the participants.
I only had to do 11 in total and I though it would have been quick...WHAT A MISTAKE!

The first one has taken me more than one hour!...I had to think about "how&what" I had to hand sew it and it was not so evident as I thought...after the first one the concept was created and it was easier to proceed, but the time needed to create one single item didn't reduce so much...30 min was my best time: I had to cut the felt, embroider the little faces assemble the little paws and ears...and I don't have a sewing machine...

I have worked Friday evening from 9 PM until 2:30 AM and than my eyes just shut down...I have finished the last 3 on Saturday morning beginning 7:30..

...but have a look yourself...here is what I have made....

every little animal has been filled with some "soft" stuff and they got a little paper with their name on it...they are all different and I have created them myself without following any pattern....I am very proud about the old Eva!

THE CHILDREN DEFINITELY LOVED THEM (so did their parents ;)....Laura has chosen the little bird you see on the right in the picture (CHIPPY) and since one of the invited children didn't come, I could keep the mouse (SILLY) =^_^=

Made with hands and Heart!


Since I am not a "kitchen princess" I have ordered strawberry shortcake for the party, but the alternative, our piggy-pancake, did't work (the pan was not really good and Davy, my hubby, gave up with it) that's why I have decided to try cupcakes....

here you have the first (SAD) trial é_è

yeah....quite a disaster...


so I just began again....

and this time I was really moved...I was almost crying for joy!!!!

So, instead of keeping on crying, I have decorated:

with chocolate icing, princess glitter icing (believe me...they really sell princess glitter icing in 3 colours pearl pink-light blue and white!)

I have then coloured almond paste with food colours and made some roses and leaves of it...

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT: more than half of the strawberry shortcake is still in our refrigerator while my cupcakes are finished =^_^=

I am the happiest mom in the world I think!

To finish the party I had organized a make up session where the children could choose if they wanted to be princesses or tigers or....

When I have announced the beginning of the "makeup time" they have made a queue and they waited for "hours" without complaining...before we realized it all the parents came to pick up the children...

everyone was happy and they even asked me to go the the party of their children for the make up...

But the most important thing is that my little one has had the time of her life...

To be our first Birthday party we cannot claim...what do you think????

Happy hugs to all of you!




Roberta said...

Credo che tu sia una mamma eccezionale!!!!!
meravigliose le creazioni con il feltro e come prima esperienza di dolci decorati sei una maga, anzi una fata...non mi stupisco poi che ti abbiano assoldato per le prossime feste perchè l'idea del truccare i bimbi ha sempre successo.
Un abbraccio

rosanna said...

Bellissimo!! brava Eva, penso che Laura se ne ricorderà per tanto tempo.Quando Matteo era alle elementari facevo anch'io feste a tema e mi divertivo da pazzi. Goditela finchè puoi.

Saskia said...


Een gelukkige verjaardag nog voor je dochter!!

En wat heb je er een prachtig feest van gemaakt!!!!!! De vilten popjes zijn zo schattig!! Ik werk sinds kort ook af en toe met vilt, je kan er alle kanten mee op!! En je gebakjes... fantastisch!!!!!

Wees maar trots op jezelf hoor!!! De kinderen zullen zich dit feestje
nog laaaaaaang blijven herinneren!!

Lieve groetjes,

Kim said...

What a lucky little girl! I adore the finger pets!!! I want one of the cupcakes!!! I am so glad everything worked out so well for your party- I bet you have been getting lots of hugs and kisses for this party!!! You did such a wonderful job :)

MiniKat said...

Sounds like a fantastic party. You should make some cupcakes in clay and decorate them like the party cupcakes. ;-)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Roberta: Ciao Carissima, ti ringrazio davvero...fare la mamma, e farlo bene è davvero importante per me, anche se devo dire che non sempre mi riesce...sono spesso troppo impegnata "con me stessa e i miei progetti", ma faccio del mio meglio! grazie davvero!

@Rosanna: hai proprio ragione cara Rosanna, il tempo vola...e, anche se Laura è ancora piccola, mi rendo già conto di quanto cambi in fretta e di come incominci a sfuggire alla mamma!

@Saskia: Dank u wel Saskia ik zal haar uw wensen doorgeven! Vilt is inderdaad een heel goede materiaal die zich gemakkelijk aanpast...ik werk er heel graag mee. Bedankt voor de complimenten ook! =^_^=

@Kim: thanks Kim, Laura was indeed very happy...I am happy too: it's nice to see your child smiling and having fun! And also, I am happy that almost all the children she has invited came to her party! Thanks for the compliments! Hugs

To MiniKat: Thanks Kat, the idea of making the same cupcake in clay it's wonderful! I will surely try it!!!
Crafty Hugs