Lothard and the leaf man

Good Morning dear Friends,

Today I want to tell you a story...


how it all began

Lothard is a star-sitter, he is a Bilaf of the Mooney Fields. the Bilafs are taking care of just born stars since a very very long time. The Bilaf catches the star as soon as she separates from the moon and he sets a little hat or a golden ring on her upper point...from that moment on the Bilaf will be the star-sitter and after that the tutor and master of the star for all the time they are producing energy, so actually the 90% of their life.

The relation between a Bilaf and a star is Sacred for the inhabitants of the Mooney Fields.

Lothard has just had his own star, after a long period of training he has been sent the Long Long Path, which is a long shiny way bringing to the moon, visible only to the Bilafs. There he has been given Liberte (Pron: Libèrt) his Star and you can see in the picture how happy he is about her (all stars are female when they are born and they get their definitive genre after 3 sun tours)

I hope you like Lothard...he is a very nice Bilaf, polite and sweet and very careful with his beloved Liberte.

The inspiration of tonight brought me Lothard and another friend, the leaf man...he lives in my pendant...

Lothard and Mr. Leaf Man Are my Original one of a kind Characters...

Both creations still miss to be painted...that will happen for sure to Mr. Leaf Man while for Lothard I still have to think about...

Well, I hope you liked the updates,

Take Care and Have a nice Day

Crafty Hugs,

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Kim said...

Lothard is wonderful! I love his expression as he hugs his star- you are getting very good! I cannot wait to see them both painted- very nice! I love the story that goes along with Lothard too.