Name plate for my friend...

Hi everyone,

I have been working to some new embroidered pieces last night and I have been able to get a little bit further with our little Rufus, but I don't have pictures...

That's why I am going to show you something I have made for a friend of mine.

She has moved recently to a new apartment (she actually bought it all on her own! I am proud of her!) and she still didn't have a name plate for her mailbox...I have asked her if she would have liked to have one from the most famous artist "Evilla Prunella" (^_^) and she agreed...

here you have a picture of it:

I really wanted to try using paint on the cured clay to give an "antique" effect and I like how it turned out to be (the owner likes it too :-).

It seems dirty in the middle, but I have just made some Photoshop to cancel her name, since she doesn't like to appear on the net...

here is a detail of the leaves

I have already made a big painting for her on a canvas of 1x1.20 meters

probably you cannot see it very good from the pictures but the painting is 3Dimensional.

I love this painting, and I have to say that it is really great in her leaving room..

Well, I hope to come up next week with more stuff...

Tomorrow Laura will have some of her schoolmates coming at home for her Birthday Party... and I am really having trouble to organize something for all that little children...I really hope it will be good weather!

I have bought some water washable make up, so that I can make some fairies, princesses, dragons and pirates of them =^_^= and for the rest.........

it will be pancakes:
we have bought a very nice piggy shaped frying pan

a strawberry shortcake, A giant "snakes and ladders" board, hoping it will be good weather, and I will make (tonight...since the idea just came up é_è...) a "finger-doll" in felt for each of the children coming to take home in a little sack together with chocolate and candies)

Please, wish me good luck since this is my first "my-daughter-with-little-friends-birthday-party"!

I'll keep you posted!


LAST BUT NOT LEAST I HAVE RECEIVED THE PROXIMIDADE AWARD FROM ROSANNA down @ http://lastanzadigiuggiola.blogspot.com/


I have again the chance to look around and find new friends to give it to!

so in the next days I will tell you all my 7 favourite things and pass the award to 7 other friends!!!!!===================================================================

Now I really have to go!

I wish you the nicest weekend ever full of sun, joy and a lot of friends




Kim said...

Eva- the name plate is lovely- what a lucky friend! I can't wait to see how Rufus is coming along! Good luck at your birthday party- I am sure that the children will have fun with such a creative host!!!

MiniKat said...

Beautiful name plate and gorgeous painting! What wonderful talents you have. :-)

Country Lou said...

Pancakes...che buoni...una bavetta sta scendendo dalla mia bocca...slurp !! che voglia che mia hai fatto venire!!

Roberta said...

La tua amica sarà entusiasta della targa che le hai fatto perchè è veramente bella...come anche il quadro.
Ti auguro un grande in bocca al lupo per la festa di compleanno...tenere a bada dei ragazzini non sarà cosa da poco ma tieni sempre a mente che sono...la uce dei nostri occhi.
La padella/orsetto è simpaticissima, mi piacerebbe vedere se realmente l'immagine rimane....fammi sapere!
Un bacio