New works and news...

Dear Friends,

I am very excited today: I have been invited to the "2de Grobbendonkse Kunstmarkt"
(2nd Art market of Grobbendonk)

Grobbendonk is a city, not far from where I live. They organize (2nd year this year) a sort of "Montmartre of Flanders" to which about 200 artists can participate to show their works.

I have been contacted via my exto site: http://eva-russo.exto.org/

and I will be "exhibiting" with my creatures and my paintings on 14th of June, 2009

For all the ones of you who will be free and willing to come on that day, I will be there with my best friend and illuster writer Sarah Jane! We will be happy to greet you!

As you can imagine (=^_^=) I am trying to finish a few unfinished works to take along and the organization is absorbing me completely!

here you have a couple of the last works:

Edera...(she is the niece of Ninin LOL ^_^')

she is quiet small and she is made (Like Mr. Mot) with a mix of Fimo Puppen and Fimo soft.

I hope you like her (Laura has commented that her breasts are too small to be a girl...*_*)

And a couple of watercolour paintings I have made in the past days...



Well for the moment it is all, but stay tuned: hopefully my updates will pop up like mushrooms in the next days ^_^'

Take Care



rosanna said...

Complimenti!! che bella cosa. Scommetto che sarai eccitatissima. Io lo sarei. Abbraccioni a tutti voi

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Grazie Rosanna, infatti lo sono :-)
vorrei solo essere un po' più organizzata e non dover andare a recuperare tutte le cose in giro per inventarizzare ciò che mi porterò...in più, per via della mia incostanza ho mille cose mezze finite e poche "presentabili"...

é_è miaspetta tanto lavoro!
un abbraccio anche a te e ai tuoi cari

Kim said...

Congratulations! How wonderful! I wish that I could stop by and see your wonderful work in person! I wish you much success at your show :)

Roberta said...

Ma che bello!!! E' una gran bella soddisfazione!
Complimenti e...buon lavoro.
facci vedere poi le foto.
Un bacione grande.