no news, so a lot of news...+++help me to give a name to my first posable doll+++

Dear friends,

I have been absent for a while.

I am busy writing again and as every time when I have a big project I get consumed from it so that's why I have lost the notion of time.
I have been drawing a lot of illustration for my new story and I will post some in the next days.
I am quite into watercolour lately, it comes probably from a blog I have discovered lately!
Geninne is a stay at home mom living in Mexico, she makes wonderful creations and she uses mostly watercolour...she inspired me a lot and, since watercolour is one of my first mediums I fell in love with, I have taken out my old stuff again and made some work...let me organize and I'll show you some stuff...
I have finally made a project for my little house to be made with bricks, and I have bricks enough to begin...I just need to recuperate a wooden support to build it on.
I have finished my first posable doll: she is a sort of Monster Lady...(click to enlarge)
(doesn't she look like Frankestein...??? =^_^= Lovely isn't it!!!!)
here we are posing together for a self portrait...
I still don't have a name for her....any ideas????
I say bye bye now...but I'll be back soon!

I hope to see you passing by in the meantime! Take care...


rosanna said...

GRAZIE !!!! non avevo visto il premio, grazie mille. E' da tanto che non ci sentiamo, tutto bene? stai già preparando per il compleanno? La tua bambola è molto tenera, non un piccolo mostro come l'hai chiamata.Purtroppo non ho fantasia per i nomi ma uno che adro è Matilda, mi fa pensare al libro di Dahl. Leggilo a Laura, Matteo lo adorava. Un abbraccione

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Ciao cara Rosanna!
Come sono andate le vacanze?
Grazie per i complimenti alla mia bamboletta! Bello Matilda!
Io sto cercando di convincere Davy a comprarmi un kit di casa di bambole per il mio compleanno...incrocia le dite per me ;)
Il premio è meritatissimo!
Ti abbraccio!

PS: le vacanze si avvicinano spero davvero che riusciremo ad incontrarci!!!

Kim said...

Love your first posable doll! I am glad to see you post- I have missed seeing what you have been making :)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

thanks Kim! You are always so sweet...I have missed you guys too. Sometimes I think I am addicted =^_^= Now I am back and you'll probably will see some stuff in the next days and weeks...
thanks for supporting me!