The boxes Whisperer

There was once a woman of the kind of human's non magical creatures, who loved colours. Colours loved her too and decided once to give her a present. They made a box and filled it with the rainbow and they sent the box to the woman on a summer breeze.
The woman was very curious and she opened the box right away.
She found the rainbow, each colour closed in a silk pouch. The woman took a brush and she began painting the box with the rainbow she received from the colours. When she finished her work the box was nicely decorated - "Bring these back to them" said the woman to the summer breeze "and tell them that the box whispered to me what I had to paint. Tell them that I am happy and that from now on I will let the boxes whisper to me and make other people happy with the colours of the rainbow".
The colours liked their box on which a robin was painted and to thank the woman for her present they painted the world brighter to give the boxes whisperer new coloured dreams.
The robin
"The Robin" - Box 19x12 cm painted with watercolours (WIP)

Hi Dear Friends and Hi to you coming to Evilla's cove for the first time!

After a while crafting watching and hanging around, I seem to have found my way.

Maybe the story is not exactly like I told you at the beginning of this post, but I really have found my way as a "boxes whisperer".

When I buy the boxes they are plane and they seem to be sleeping, but when I put them in front of me on the table they begin telling me stories and suggesting to me what they want to become.

CALL IT INSPIRATION (since we all grown ups do not believe in magic!!! =^_^=)

I hope this is my way and I hope to be finally able to "grow in" something.

Decorating boxes will give me the chance to use all the materials I love and it can be so various that I will not have time for getting bored!

(*_* please, bear with me and my silly writings! ^_^)

Here below some old and new works in progress (....yes...I still didn't finish anything!!!!!)

The "Oak genie story box" is going forward...little spoiler: in the inside part of the lid I will write his story or a story with a oak as a main character

"the koi's" box (still have something with fishes anyway!)

the fishes still have to be finished and I have made this a little bit special: at the bottom of the lid there is a ZEN thought of HUANCHU DAOREN (it's in Dutch just because I was reading the Zen book in Dutch *_*)

here the translation:
As fishes dart through water, they are forgetful of the water; as birds fly on the breeze, they are not conscious that there is a breeze. Discern this, and you can transcend the burden of things and enjoy natural potential.

(lots more here: daoren)

I hope you like these updates and I will try to have some finished stuff soon!

Today it was "fish and folklore" in a village not far from here (Mariekerke) and that implies a rummage sale: I LOVE IT!!!!
here some things I have bought:
a very old room box decorated with wooden miniature (apart from the mouse which is in ceramic I think)

this is not really "well made" the wall paper (fabric) is cut badly and badly glued to the wall

...but I like it and I am waiting for it to tell me its story..maybe there will be some "reorganization", we'll see...


there was a woman selling eggs that she painted with acrylics (mostly miniatures)(mostly animals)...the great fun is her husband was cleaning kind of "sandblasting" and varnishing the eggs for her. That was really romantic! <3_<3>

there were very big ostrich eggs and very small ones like the one I have bought (I forgot to ask her on which egg it was made) she just doesn't use chicken eggs (that wouldn't be so élitaire...*_*)

have a look now...isn't it great?

Mémé Slegers lives in Genk and if any of you is interested in her works...I have her phone number :-)

with this little treasures I SAY GOOD NIGHT and I am off to bed!

dreamy hugs to all of you




Eva said...

Cara Eva,
Decorate Boxes it is a good path because you are very talented, so the booxes looks gorgeous. And you are right you can use a ot of different aterials with them.
I am happy to see that youare finding the way.
Ah! nd I love the eggs...

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Gracias Eva,
I appreciate your support and I am happy you like my works! that keeps me going and it's the best reward for a crafter!
take care
un bacio :)

Kim said...

Eva, I am so happy to read this story- I just love the stories- and I am happy that you have found your way. The boxes are beautiful. I am so anxious to see the oak box finished and hear the story. I am in love with it already. What a beautiful zen thought on the koi box- wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

I am happy too dear Kim, it is again a completely new world appearing in front of me and a new concept being born in my mind...you know...something to work on, new ideas coming. The oak box will be finished soon and I hope you'll like how it will come out!
I am happy you like the zen thought Daoren really intense...