The Genies - trip into positive emotions

Hi Dear Friends,

Here I am after a weekend filled with sun and a lot of work!

That's how my living-room table has looked like for all the long weekend (that almost killed my husband who is a super "tidy-ordered-Idon'tstandyourchaos" man...LOL)

I have really worked a lot!

I have painted and made some nice covers for the paintings I have to take to the "Market", I have made a big 3D painting with watercolours and acryl paint (Pictures will follow) and I have made a great progress with my little brick's house: I cannot share pictures yet, but I can tell you that it will become a one room little ruined castle...it's coming out cooler than I expected!

(hehe...are you curious??? >_<)

As I told you in some posts, I am a lot into watercolours and I have been busy designing new characters:


They are like some kind of Aladdin wonder Lamp Genies, but they mostly have no lamp and they don't make any wish come true....é_è

They are messengers of positive emotions and they belong to the four + 1 elements...water, fire, earth and air + the "one and only" which is the element of which our soul is made.

Here you have the cover of the collection:

they are painted on big Fabriano Paper (+/- 30x50 cm...), that's why I couldn't scan them and I can only show these low quality pictures...

In order of creation date

the "Rest Genie"

the "Dream Genie"

The "Care Genie"

The "cuddle Genie"

The "Genie of Fellowship"

They are all made with watercolour pencil and watercolour on paper and, believe me, they look much nicer than they are shown in these pictures.

I am now working on "The seasons Genies"...a little preview...

the "Fall Genie"

this is a smaller buddy (24x32 cm) therefore you have a scanned image...

I hope you like them, I am thinking about a way to realize them in some 3d way...so stay tuned...

Now I go back to business ;-)

Take care my dear friends!!!


PS: if you have a little time left to spend in surfing...go have a look at http://lallaprunellanarcisa.blogspot.com/ ...My daughter's first steps in creation...she really wanted to have a "internet" of her own (that's how she asked for it...) and I thought it could be nice...)



Kim said...

Beautiful Eva- I really love fall genie and care genie. That is the tidiest "mess" I have ever seen- your hubby would not like my messes!!
Take care!!!

Eva said...

I love "Genie of the fellowship"
And the mess of your table ;-)

rosanna said...

davi non si può lamentare, dovrebbe enire a csa mia! belli tuoi genietti, avranno un grande successo. E brava anche a Laura

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Kim: thanks Kim, I am happy you like my "Genies" and I hope they will get some attention at the market. hehe, I am happy you are of the "messy club" too...I love to be messy =^_^=
PS thanks for visiting Laura's site: I am curious about her reaction at finding comments on her posts =^_^=! I'll let you know...

@Eva: Hi Eva, the "Genie of Fellowship" is my favourite too. thanks for the lovely comment!

@Rosanna: Ti ringrazio Rosanna anche per essere passata da Laura. Sarà contentissima!
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