The Market

Hi Dear Friends,

I hope you are doing fine.

I could finally download the picture of the Market...To begin I have to tell you that it has been quite a disaster é_è: TO SUMMARIZE....




and the biggest disaster of all is...MR.MOT antennas have been broken during the unpacking....U_U

But I am still happy I have participated. I have known interesting people and I have seen some beautiful works.


A little bit of it now...

At 8:45 am we were on the market place and we have begun to place our tent...the sky was incredibly grey and we were expecting rain at any moment (the forecast had actually spoken about sun...NO FORECAST IS POSSIBLE IN BELGIUM!!!!!!!!)

We finished placing the tent @ 9:15 and the rain (cats and dogs) has begun immediately after...

Here below you see my friend Sarah Jane, who was reading some of her poems for me, she is holding a plastic container because the rain was coming in from the point were the plastic of the tent was sawn!

(all the pictures will pop out bigger if you click on them - on the pictures involving unknown people you won't see any faces, I have done it not to have problems with the privacy laws)

...a view of our name board...you can see that we are not professionals, but that made it just fine to us....

side views of our stand:

the paintings (plastic on top against the water...I didn't dare to take out my Genies and the other watercolours paintings...too much water coming down from the "ceiling"):

(the painting with the roses is the one which has received the most part of the compliments:


the clay creations and the jewels (you can see the new Mr. Mot in this picture. I am planning to substitute his antennas with some made of felt..still don't know....)

here a view on Sarah's poems

We have passed most of the time letting the water flow away from the top of the tent with a stick...haha...we laughed a lot! we have eating incredibly tasty sandwiches (plus point ^_^) and read poems, that was really cool.

when the weather has begun getting better the poeple begun to come...

to our stand too

since I didn't have to take care of the rain anymore I could begin doing some demonstration

I could make two (in my opinion very nice) boxes for the Evilla Prunella Collection (cc) during the day and one of them (the pink one) has been sold yesterday...


the decorations are casted and coloured with acrylic paint and watercolour and the graphic on the box is made with acrylic ink using a dip pen.

side view (I am thinking about doing some more of the graphic on the box too...)


(NB: this box is still available...so...should you be interested, you can contact me using the form at the end left of the page ^_^)



It has been a very interesting experience for me.

I have understood that people like useful things: they were very interested to my boxes, but when I have made the choice of the things I wanted to take along I have thought boxes were not my best stuff (probably I would have sold something if I would have had ready boxes along é_è)

and I have understood that in that kind of Market there are no Philosophers coming...so ready to participate to new challanges...maybe in September.

Now I go back to "buziness"....

Lots of love to all of you!



rosanna said...

Si impara sempre qualcosa!! Le scatole sono davvero bellissime, quanta pazienza per coprirle tutte di "ghirigori" Giustamente è stata un' esperienza, la prossima andrà molto meglio. Il fatto che ti sia divertita è positivo a prescindere. Un abbraccione

Kim said...

Hi Eva!

Oh no! Poor Mr. Mot!!
I am so sad that you did not sell anything and had rain- but nice that you had a friend with you to make the day a bit better. I love the painting that looks like a koi fish swimming. I cannot believe that no one snatched them up! It is good to get the experience though and good to get an idea of what people will like to buy. Have you ever tried to sell anything on the etsy.com website? I think your boxes would sell there, and your paintings might have a better market there too. I don't know anything about how shipping or anything works on that site, as I don't sell there myself, but thought it might be something to look in to? You and your friend look lovely and bright, despite the rainy day! Take care Eva!!

PS- I love the ink on the boxes too- very pretty- adds so much character :)

Mary said...

Eva, I've honored this blog with the "Light Award." Please come to my blog to receive it anytime!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Rosanna: Grazie cara, mi sono divertita molto a fare le scatole e vista la giornata abbastanza disastrosa avevo sicuramente bisogno di un po' di sano relax...hai ragione, se non ci si diverte non ha senso continuare!
Un abbraccio anche a te!

@Kim: Thanks for your kind words Kim, unfortunately I have discovered that the tale of Edera is also damaged...I think I have to learn to pack better my dolls. Now I have to think about a way to repair them and add some value to this disaster! :)
I have thought about Etsy...we'll see I have to study the whole thing better.
My friend Sarah is really nice, she writes very nice poems (in Dutch) and she is really a "sunny" girls. Thanks for your support kim! It's much appreciated! Hugs, Eva

@ Mary: Hi Mary! Many many thanks, I am honoured to receive an award from you! I immediately come to your blog and get it! thanks!!!!!!