Ocean Friends

Good Evening Dear Friends,

This short night post to show you some today's update...

the pond got curls...I just had curls in my pen and they had to come out:

I think the suggestion of Casey, about giving it a "Sea background" with light washings of green and blue is really cool...we'll see...

I have made a new box today it's a smaller one, but still good to put jewels in it or other tiny stuff...

the name is OCEAN FRIENDS and it is about socializing turtles =^_^=

the scene is made in fimo clay, finished with glass beads and bronze powder...the curls (I am getting addicted to curls *_*) have been made on the carton box with sepia colour acrylic ink.µ

I hope you like it and I wish you a good night and a happy Sunday.

I am off to bed!




Caseymini said...

I love the curls! You do them so well. I like the way that they hang over the sides on the turtle box. Great work!!!

Eva said...

I love them! Great job

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@ Casey: Thanks a lot Casey! I love curls...I am really in love with all round seeming forms but curls are my passion...now thatI have found a way to use them...who is ever going to stop me?????
thanks for passing by! x

@Eva: Thanks ^_^ x

Kim said...

ohhh, I am so very in love with the turtles. You should incorporate the curls as part of your signature style- they are very beautiful and add so much to everything you add them to.