the pond...

Good Morning dear friends and Great Artists out there!

I am back to work with a renewed energy and hope! The market has made me think and I really want to keep on Crafting...but since I am running out of space and all my hobbies cost quite a lot I need to get into business somehow...just to recover my costs and get rid of a few things (that will hurt!)...that's why I am thinking more and more about an Etsy shop.

Hereis where I ask your assistance: is anybody among you having a Etsy shop? Is it a "serious" company? Can I trust using my Credit card for that? (I know I am paranoid...but I take money very seriously *_*)

I hope you can give me some help for this...


Yesterday evening I have been working at something I really wanted to try since a while.

Since I have seen the works of Christi Friesen (http://www.cforiginals.net/) I have literally fallen in love with her stile.

She has made plenty of very inspiring books and even on line classes and workshops. Moreover there are a lot of free downloadable projects on her site. Maybe you all know her, but I am sure that if you still don't you will find her work beautiful!

I always wanted to try to reproduce one of her sculptures:

This image is property of Christi Friesen so is the design of this piece.

I have redesigned her idea into a plate to be fixed on top of one of my boxes so here you have it inspired to the works of Christi Friesen....


Now I am in front of a great dilemma....

how do I go on decorating the box?

I have made some little coils (here they have just been put on top of the box but not glued yet)

will this be nice?

Actually, I would have preferred doing something with ink, like on the moon box...but the focal function of the plate could be disturbed if I decorate the background too much...

leaving it as it is, it's not an option: I am much too BAROQUE for it!

Here you have a detail...and...yes! I have something with fishes lately!

I really hope you like this box and I would be glad to get your comments and suggestions

Big hug to all of you



Meli said...

Beautiful and original!!! It's a great work,

Caseymini said...

Eva, how about some thin washes of blue and green to look like under the sea? It is beautiful so far. Keep going!

I have been a fan of CF for a few years now. Good for you, learning to do her style. I like the Steampunk things that she does, like the heart pendants.

rosanna said...

Bella Eva hai fatto davvero un buon lavoro. Non devi aggiungere altro, si distrarrebbe l'attenzione dal vero lavoro.Vedo che tanti lavoranoc Etsy percui deve essere serio. Una ragazza italiana Mary usa Da Wanda. Il suo sito è "Petitefraisehandmade". Perchè non provi a contattarla e a chiederle? un abbraccione Rosanna

Kim said...

I like Casey's suggestion of the blue and green washes. I also like the coils added very much! You are very talented with the polymer clay- I like this piece a lot!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Meli: Thanks a lot! I am happy you like it! Eva

@Casey: I think this is a good Idea...I couldn't resist putting some curls on it in a sort of frame (i'll post pictures in a while), but the idea of the "sea background" is fantastic and I can still use it! thanks.
I love the steampunk of CF too. I hope with the next "coins" I will spare to be able to buy some "watches parts" and try that...she is so good!

@Rosanna: Grazie mille per il suggerimento Rosanna. Proverò a contattarla. sono contenta che la mia scatola ti piaccia, mi sono davvero divertita un mondo a farla! =^_^=
Un abbraccio

@Kim: thanks Kim, I have already made some updates on the box, but I also love the idea of the "sea background"...I like working with polymer clay, but I still have to find my own stile. I hope to improve anyway. Thanks a lot for your support!