Do you remember Rufus?
well...he had been missing for a while...that means I really couldn't find him anymore...
I had a picture of him in my mind...crashed under mountains of stuff...
yesterday I have found him back and I was almost crying for joy! That's why I have decided to finish him. You know it's quiet creepy...it seems he was calling me é_è
I still didn't learn to keep my stuff in order *shouting*!!!

ok, I feel better now!...back to Rufus

*******Rufus the old field mouse*********

Rufus is an old fat field mouse. He likes to eat raspberries and sunflower seeds and lie in the sun.
When he feels particularly active he takes a walk into the forest of Lubil. He has a lot of friends there (Nargu is one of them!)
the most important thing for him is his tale....that's why he holds it almost all of the time.
He is sociable, helpful, and very wise. All the inhabitants of The Lubil Forest and beyond come to him when they need a piece of advice about important things.
I hope you like Rufus.
I want to thank Kim (@ http://flowerkim.blogspot.com/) for supporting me constantly with her comments! Thanks a lot dear Kim! that means a lot to me: Rufus is dedicated to you!
I wish to all of you a beautiful day!
PS: I have "coloured Rufus with soft pastels on uncured clay...just for info! ;-)


MiniMadWoman said...

Oh, my goodness! He's adorable! Those eyes . . . they're penetrating! LOL!! Love the beard . . . he looks like a wise old fellow!

Thanks for sharing Rufus with us!

Kim said...

Eva- You are so kind! I love Rufus and I am proud to have him dedicated to me! I love to visit your blog so much- you create so many wonderful things and I love the stories that go with your artwork. I am so glad that you found Rufus- his coloring is fantastic- I love his little nose :) I hope your day is fantastic also!!!

PS- Does your daughter like blogging? Please tell her Kim would like to see more artwork :)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Teresa: thanks a lot! :) I am happy that you like my "fella" Rufus...he greats you! ;)

@Kim: thanks a lot for your kind words dear Kim!

Laura is really happy you like her works and she is now working on new drawings...she is a very busy artist! :) she likes a lot the fact to have a blog, she even wanted to give the link to her teachers! she is keen to celebrity! lol