The Star and her Thought

The Star was there since a long, long, time. Since a long, long time she was smiling, with her serene expression. Nevertheless she felt lonely: the sky was too immense and too dark, the other stars were too far, if there were any, and the silence was deafening.
The Star, whose name was Alestra (a name she had given to herself in the ancient times of her birth), let a Thought fly in that great universe but the Thought didn't want to leave her. He had been so long in the soul of the star that he felt what she felt and he loved her as a child loves the mother.
The Thought, whose name was Pace (a name he had given to himself in the ancient time of his creation) concentrated all his energy into his feeling of compassion and he became a light of hope.
"I will stay, you'll never be alone anymore and we will talk about serious nonsense and we will break this deafening silence will songs of love and peace. One day the entire universe will join us and there will be no loneliness and despair, no hate or sorrow"
Alestra looked at Pace with thankfulness "let this be" she said.
I made this drawing with watercolours and watercolour pencils on 220g/m² paper (29,7 x 21 cm/ 11 ¾ x 8 ¼in)


Meli said...

Excellent work!!! You are very talented!!!

Kim said...

Eva, I love this painting, but even more so, I love the stories that go along with your artwork. This story shall make me smile the rest of the week. If only we all could really join in the songs of love and peace and there would be no loneliness, despair, hate or sorrow. I would sing along. You are a star yourself my friend.

rosanna said...

Ciao Eva, scusa se non ti ho più scritto ma ti assicuro che non mi sono persa una puntata. Mi piacciano tanto i tuoi ultimi lavori, sono molto personali e originali. Ultimamente sono un po' stanca e sono successe cose spiacevoli ma non mi dimentico di nessuno. Un abbraccio a te e a Laura.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Meli: thanks a lot! I am happy you like the Star!
@Kim: Dear Kim, I am really so motivated in the last days. As you know I have been through a moment of complete lack of inspiration and in that "too dark and too immense" hole of "nothingness" you have been my "Thought" helping me not to give up...even if we don't always realize that,we are singing that song and art makes our world a little bit better...I hope we will be able to shout our art so loud that everyone will hear and join! take care dear Kim and enjoy every moment of you life! xxx

@Rosanna: Cara Rosanna, sono felice che ti piacciano i miei lavori e non preoccuparti, so che vedi anche se non hai sempre il tempo di lasciare commenti, neanche io riesco sempre a farlo ma vi leggo tutte quante con enorme piacere. Ti ho mandato un'e-mail. un abbraccio grande grande da tutti noi!