last post before the vacation:.....The Oak and the Acorn Genie -dedicated to my dear friend Kim

Wide was the night. The old Oak was sleeping - on the hill the Ostria was blowing gently and her leaves were singing for her a sweet lullaby

sleep thigh
sleep sweet
no living soul to meet
the stars will make you a crown
shining around your bark so brown

sleep sweet
sleep thigh
Your branches high and high
your dreams so light and frail
under the moon so pale
sleep thigh
sleep sweet
a carpet of green at your feet
we will sing for you with grater reason
since in a while we will be gone with the season...

so they sang during the last summer days slowly changing their green into deep red, orange, cadmium yellow and brown, they were so cute and the old oak was pleased from their presence, even if she was feeling a silent pain, coming from the consciousness that her beloved leaves were going to leave her very shortly.

Every year it was the same pain, the same sad goodbyes and she was surviving to this pain in her eternally unchanging life.

Not far from the hill, lived a little genie, his name was Acorn and he was a very small genie. He was the hatter of the little people living in that forest and he was used to wear a bizarre hood he had made himself using leaves, birds' feathers and sand. the hood fitted to his head like a sort of lid and he was very funny. Everyone liked his creations and he enjoyed his work a lot.

One day the little genie decided to go on the big hill to look for some leaves and other material to create some new hats and once he reached the top he was flabbergasted: a carpet of beautiful chubby leaves surrounded the biggest and most beautiful tree he had ever seen.

"Hallo Your Highness, my name is Acorn, can I dare to take some of your leaves to make a hat for me?" asked the genie courtly. The oak replied "you can have them all, they have gone now and I am happy that you can still make something with them...I feel so lonely now that they have gone...".

The genie remained still for a while and then he smiled "if you want...I will keep you company, I will make my hats here and when the summer will be back I will hang them on your branches so that everyone can see them"

the oak continued excited "and I will make fruits, little hard fruits on which you will be able to display you hats and I will call them acorns, in your honour, you can make a house in my ark and I will protect you from the cold and from the wild animals"

the genie smiled, so did the oak and from that moment on all the creatures of the forest enjoyed the little acorns and their funny hats.

The genie lived very long and when he changed his form he became a floating spirit taking care of the old oak who never felt lonely anymore.

The Oak is still living on the high hills, if you pass there, at the end of the summer you'll hear her leaves singing and you'll see the genie dancing a dance of happiness among the branches.


story and box (cc) Eva Russo 2009
message for kim (@http://flowerkim.blogspot.com/)

Dear Kim,

I hope you like this

I wish you a lot of fun and happiness in the next 3 weeks and I hope to be able to give you some more tales when I will be back

take care




To all of you dear friends I also wish a great season, I am working to a lot of new stuff so keep on follow for new surprises!

write to you soon

Take care



rosanna said...

Buone vacanze, bentornata in Italia. Chiamami Rosanna

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

venerdì quando arrivo ti chiamo di sicuro (ho i tuoi numeri ben conservati nel mio cell :)
a presto!

Kim said...

Eva- this is my favorite story! I am so honored that you have dedicated it to me! The oak and the acorn hold a special place in my heart and now I have a story that belongs in my heart also. I love it!! I hope you have a very relaxing vacation that soothes your soul and fills your head and your heart overflowing with ideas and creativity. Travel safely my friend and have lots of fun :)

A very very very big hug to you!!


Saskia said...

Prachtig werk!!!!

Saskia :)

Roberta said...

Buona vacanza.
Ho capito che arrivi in Italia...bene divertiti tanto.
Un bacio