A story of Lubil

A story of Lubil

Lollipop Fields is nothing more than a huge meadow, when you look at it today with the eyes of a son of humans, but when you are small enough to walk among the grass stems, you will discover an amazing world: the Land of Lubil.

In the ancient days, when we still didn't fight against mother earth and the sons of human were still used to see little people appearing, from time to time, there was a little Lubil called Nestoran, who lived in a hole in the huge Mulberry tree.

Nestoran was a very noisy Lubil, and the inhabitant of Lollipop Fields were not happy about his noise and his mocking attitude, and even if their nature was very calm and gentle they nicely tried to avoid him.

He felt very lonely: he was not bad but he was unable to be quiet and he liked to be loud and cheerful...a little bit too cheerful for the taste of the Lubils.

Since he felt misunderstood he decided to go living at the edge of the Field and Harry the woodpecker the noisiest bird of Lubilland made him a little house in the Mulberry tree.

The solitaire Lubil passed his time looking at the butterflies playing his fiddle, the butterflies loved his music and they danced to entertain him.

You must know, that there is a special genie linked to all what is nature: his name is Fanat and his task is taking care of all living creatures, plants, animals and little people. He is not in charge for the sons of humans anymore...but this is another story...

Fanat was watching Nestoran since a very long time, since he was born under the Amanita Muscaria. He knew his talent for music and his cheerful attitude, and he had seen how sad he was becoming, day after day while the Lubils were putting him aside. Fanat knew what was good and accepted what was wrong.

In the second day of the rainy month Fanat took the form of a huge butterfly beautifully coloured with yellow and Orange and he went to see Nestoran.

Nestoran was playing with Bin and Cho two of his little friends

When he saw Fanat he thought he was the nicest butterfly he had ever seen and he began playing his fiddle to cheer up the beautiful creature. Fanat danced at the sound of the fiddle until the music stopped, then he took his natural form with amazement of the little Lubil.
"Dear Friend" he said "I am Fanat, the genie of Nature, I am here to give you an important charge...starting from today, you will be the butterfly pixie, your friends will come to you, they will be born and die here at your nest and you will get their colours in exchange of your care"
The hair of Nestoran took immediately the colours of the creature that Fanat had brought to life.
"With those colours" Fanat continued "you will paint nature at your own pleasure and with your fiddle you'll be able to call your little flying friends every time you need them.
Nestoran was so happy that he couldn't avoid shouting. Fanat looked amused at the little Lubil and before you could say 'fly!' he had disappeared.
The news of Nestoran who had become a butterfly pixie ran as fast as the wind through Lollipop Field and the Lubils were sorry about how they treated him and they decided to bring him a gift: the best craftsman of the Lubil Folk made a little golden butterfly for him as an ornament for his long hair.
Through all the centuries came this story to me, and I give it to you dear reader to make you remember of that far far away time when Nature could still smile.
The Lubil characters and all related stories are original creation of E. Russo and therefore protected:

Creative Commons License

Dear Friends,
I hope you like my new box 'A story of Lubil' which is now completed.
The drawing has been made with ink and then coloured with watercolours.
The box has a diameter of 22 cm (8.66").
This story is a short version of one of the tales of my collection dedicated to the Lubil Folk which is still and fully WORK IN PROGRESS!
coming next
the oak genie story (the box is finished since a few days) and a new box I am working on "the story of the night who didn't want to sleep"...so...stay tuned....
Take care and have a great week!


Kim said...

Wonderful Eva- I love the colors of Lubil. I am anxiously waiting for the story of the oak genie- he already holds a special place in my heart. Have a beautiful music and joy filled week friend!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Dear Kim,
I am preparing a surprise for you, but that will be for the beginning of the fall...*giggles*
The Oak Genie story is almost finished (I am revising!) I really hope you like it!
I wish you a nice week and week-end!

Kim said...

Eva- I love surprises! A surprise in the fall-even better- fall is my favorite! I know I will love the Oak Genie story- you are such a talented storyteller. All of your stories speak to my heart :)

I hope your weekend is productive and sunny and beautiful also!
A large hug back to you!
Kim :)

elena fiore said...

Urka, dimenticavo che di qui si mastica l'inglese!
Faccio un salto sugli "scarabocchi"...ci vediamo di là :-)
Ciao, elena°*°

rosanna said...

Ho un altro premio per te. Passa a prenderlo. Rosanna