The wind in the shell

There was once a cold wind whose name was Auster.

Auster was young and he still couldn't blow around on the planet.

This was the period when myths and magic were visible and present on the earth.
He had never seen the sea and he was enchanted from the stories he heard from his brothers: Bali, whose tales spoke of Java with her scents and eastern colours, Bora, the chilly sister narrating of the white northern countries, Briza, who had visited the wide continent...

"If I only could go to the sea...play with the water and make froth of it" and he was dreaming of tropical fishes and sea horses, of mermaid folk and dolphins...

Finally the time came when he could blow free...at the beginning he was almost scared to be so free, but it didn't last longer that a minute that he was blowing straight forward, to the warmest sea.

He played all the day and made the salty water jump high towards the sky falling into thousand drops becoming froth one the warm sand.
At the evening he calmed down and he seated on a rock to watch the sun go to sleep behind the horizon.

While he was there he heard a girly voice crying softly. It was a little girl, seated on the sand holding a shell.

"What makes you so sad, little girl?" asked Auster gently, "this shell is a present of my grandfather, and today he has left me to reach his ancestors over the clouds".

"And why do you cry? He will be surely good there..." - "My grandfather was used to tell me wonderful stories and now that he has gone, I will never hear them again...I miss him so much!"
The girl begun crying desperately to the point that Auster's heart was breaking.

He had to do something.

He inhaled the warmth of the sea and he began singing into the girl's shell.

"Put the shell by you hears" he said to the girl.

She smiled: in the shell she could hear the voice of the gentle wind singing and the noise of the waves crashing on the rocks.

"Thanks! I will never forget what you did for me! I also want to do something for you..."she embraced him and kissed his forehead. All of a sudden Auster felt a strange warmth going to his heart.

He jumped high into the sky and he discovered he had become a warm breeze.

It was time to say goodbye.

The girl was crying again, but for joy, she had found a friend. Auster was crying as well because he didn't want to leave her, but the girl didn't see it, she just saw the rain falling while the last sunbeams were colouring the sky of ochre and red.

This is the story of Auster the warm southerly wind on the Bulgarian coast considered a precursor of bad weather.

(Story by Eva Russo (cc) drawing by Eva Russo (cc) graphite and watercolour on Winsor & Newton watercolour paper)
NOTE: after making the drawing i felt like having a story for it and since he was a wind...here you have it. the Auster or Ostria wind really exists check on
wind names


Kim said...

Eva- Your blog is my most favorite blog to visit. I look forward to your paintings and stories so much. This one is beautiful, as always. I can see the little girl in my mind.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

thanks a lot Kim, you are really nice to me!
I still have millions of stories in my pen and a lot of colours to show!
thanks for following me: that makes me happy!

rosanna said...

Ciao bella, ti ho passato un premio che sembra fatto apposta per te. Sono curiosa di saper che libro hai sul comodino....Un abbraccio