bookmarks and new ideas

I have been working dear friends!

but when you make a serious project, the work you have to do on it seems to be much more than when you just have fun...

Positive side is that the fun remains, just much more work!

The first things I am making for my etsy, as I told you, are made with felt: I think that's the best way to go towards the cold season...

Probably I am too soon, since the warmth is increasing!


Here you have a couple of pictures of my last bookmark the WIZARD OF OZ JEWEL BOOKMARK!

The funniest picture is this one, where the bookmark lays on the book "the wizard of oz"! COOL isn't it!?

here a SMALL detail of a BIG sewing work!!!!

available here

I am now working on a special key chane ^_^...stay tuned! Pictures will follow very soon!


PS: the second part of my vacation pictures will have to wait! the pictures are on paper so I need to scan them first...NO TIME! NO TIME! thanks for bearing with my messy self!!!!!


Kim said...

Fabulous Eva- I can't wait to see more! Have a fun and productive day :)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

thanks Kim! Hope you'll like the next one! xxxz