living in a box...

Good Morning dear readers and good morning to you, visiting my blog for the first time!

the works for the market have been slowing down this weekend...I have spent some time more playing with Laura and ... é_è ...


The "playing thing" was fine!

Friday it was Davy and Eva's (=hubby+Me) anniversary, we are now 4 years married and 6 years together! <3<3<3<3<3<3>

I made a cake for the occasion (...don't kill me...) an easy-to-pour cake: I am not really the baking genius and I couldn't afford a failure...anyway...that was not too bad it seems, since I even didn't have the time to take pictures that the guys had eaten it out!


So I can surely state that I have had a wonderful weekend!
I still had time to work a little bit to a sewing project I had started since a while...and that sewing project has change into...GUESS WHAT?

A BOX...

here below you see the picture of my first TEA TIME BOX this is a wooden box of about 23 cm x 15cmx7cm divided in section in the inside and I have thought it could be perfect to order tea bags in it, especially if you like to keep different tea tastes....
I think it could make a great present too....

WHAT do you think about my first attempt cross-stitch?

I hope you like this. ^-^

the next update will be for tomorrow...a new felt, beads embroidery box...:)

I wish you all a fabulous rest of the day!


On Friday I am going to the hospital for a surgery...(some routine), and if they will succeed doing the whole thing with a Laparoscopic surgery, I will be back home in the evening otherwise it will take a week maybe before I am back, so I have had to give up to the "big cleaning" stuff!
So if you will miss news for me for a week is just that I am having some stuff done...no worries! ^_^


Kim said...

Eva- wonderful!!!! I love this- your first cross stitch looks wonderful! I will be very surprised if this does not sell :)

Best wishes for your surgery- I hope all goes well and you recover quickly! Big hug to you!!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Thanks Kim,
I am so happy you like my work. It's just another 12 days and than we'll see how it goes. One thing is sure, I am really positive, thanks to your kindness and this will help me to keep it up!
If it doesn't go, i think I am going to stop with this selling thing, but not with crafting!
I like it too much, I'll have just to cut on something...reduce the amount of things I do...I'll be all right!

Thanks for your wishes Kim! I just hope it's going to be a quick thing! xxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Eva. The tea box is beautiful and a great idea.
I love the cross stitch and wish i had patience to sew too.
Nikki x

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I hope everyhting is fine with the surgery and that you are better soon.

I love all your sewing in your previous posts, mixed in with the beads and felt. I would like to make some items like these and will have to think what to do.

I really like your blog and will check and see if i am already a follower.

Nikki x

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Me again! I went and looked up the surgery you are having on google.
I really hope it is succesful and you can come home the same day.
My best wishes, Nikki x