making the Market....

tramonto a casa prunella

Dear friends,

as announced I have some (super messy) update for you...I am working like a crazy for the market and being absolutely unprofessional, I am trying to find a good system to let it work this time......
My idea of professionality talks "displays", "labels" and "nice packing":
This is a picture of the display I have made for my jewels out of an old unused canvas...

I have covered it with a nice piece of fabrics and put spikes all over ^_^
here a detail of how I am going to hand my earrings...(still under construction)

I am making all the labels for the jewels by hand...I cannot afford profesional printing and possibly i never will (é_è), but i like to make labels myself! ^_^

I hope you like them!

Yesterday I finally had my "harvest" moment...


I love to work with it and the scent goes all around the house (my hubby hates it and he gets crazy...poor thing!"

mmmh...la lavanda del mio giardino....

In the previous day I have been sewing cotton sachets:

Yesterday I have filled them, decorated them and PACKED THEM! that was fun!

sacchetti di lavanda completati

This is how the table was looking like during my work tonight...

tavolo di lavoro notturno!

But I still have A LOT of work...tonight it's play evening (I am in a fabulous theter company called CARTOUCHE) so no work, but tomorrow i am the all day at home (vacation! yay!) and I plan to do some CLAY PLAY!

Before wishin youy a nice "rest of the day" I want to show you a coupl of new things

a new small box called "HEART AWAY"

felt, beds and embroidery...again ^_^

and a new ring

I like this one even if it made it quite difficult for me!!! (i don't really like working with sieve rings...)

All this things (lavender sachets included) are for sale on my ETSY SHOP

I hope to be making some sales shortly...I was feeling much better before beginning with this selling things...but I am not rich, so money cannot continue going out without coming in...my hobbies are too expensive!

I want to thank you all very very much for the support and for keeping on following me!



Kim said...

Eva- hang in there- it will come to you and I am confident you will sell. I think that you have such a good variety of items for market, I will be very surprised if you do not sell something. The lavander sachets are adorable, I am wanting one myself, but must catch up from paying for school and now my nephews birthday is coming up! I say a prayer each night that market goes well, and I will continue to---it will come to you my friend- I know it will!!!

A big hug!!!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Hi Kim! You are an angel...every time I am a little bit blue you come like a sunshine! Thanks a lot for your positive thoughts!

A big hug to you!

AnnaDrai said...

Oh che preziosi i tuoi sacchettini profumati!
Anche io ho fatto qualche sacchettino di lavanda in attesa del cambio stagione degli armadi... che ormai visto il freddo è sempre più urgente!
Grazie della visita!
Ti aggiungo ai link preferiti :)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Anna: grazie per essere passata Anna! Che delizia un complimento da te che sei così brava! Spero che ti troverai bene al mio covo e io tornerò di sicuro a trovarti!