Welcome and Oaks things...

Good Morning and a big Wake up hug to the ones waking up (for the ones who are about going to sleep, I will sing a self written lullaby...I have some pretty good ones...)!

First of all I want to say


thanks for following my blog!

Sandy is a Mixed Media artist and her site(s) is really worthy to be seen! I love her works!

Join me in saying Hi! to Sandy!

How was your weekend?

I have been very good and I have been able to work a lot so I have some new things to show you:
This is my new bookmark called THE POND (pictures will pop out bigger if you click on them)...
A phone pouch "JUNGLE"
BELIEVE ME when I tell you that it took me quite long to finish this, but I am very satisfied about the result. I love to make beads patterns using big and small beads together, experimenting colours and shapes!
These are now here waiting for a new house...
The market day is approaching and I still have a lot of work: I want to do good this time...I am preparing labels to hang on my little works and I want to make a display for my jewels...
I was thinking about pinning the earrings on a canvas...what do you think about it?
Any other ideas?
I don't have a lot of time left and I need to do something quick and cheap...(I know: I AM difficult!!!)
I have printed out little cards with my e-mail and etsy site, and I have begun putting together all the works I plan to bring...It goes mostly about my felt works, some little pouches filled with lavender and rosemary of my garden (by the way: should you be interested in a rosemary pouch let me know, I have a lot and they smell delicious...it's very good for cooking too!), some jewels.........but the main topic and the "WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT": MY BOXES
I am planning to make a few more boxes this week...here below is the last one I have made...
ACORNS...just to change....
The felt work is glued on the top of a small box :) (+/- 10 cm on the long side)
I want to make some more oak things...Oak and Acorns is one of my favourites (probably you got that already) and this is a passion I share with my dear friend Kim@ http://flowerkim.blogspot.com/ that's why I accept any "oak ideas" to make new stuff...
I am going to make an oak giveaway at the end of September...so...stay tuned.
Well, this post comes to an end...
I wish you a fabulous week


Kim said...

Oh Eva- I am so very excited for your market day. I start each day hoping for you that it will go well and you will sell art!! I love the phone pouch- such beautiful beadwork. I am going to think today if I can come up with any ideas for more oak art for you. You know I love the oaks and acorns :) I am starting to do a new project from an old clock and have painted oak leaves on the face- I will put a picture on my blog tomorrow for you to see. Have a fabulous day!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Dear Kim, I thank you very much for your kind words. I am loosing part of my excitement with the market approaching and my etsy not going really good :-)...I should learn patience!

But you dear Kim, you keep me going with your trust in my work and your great support!

Thanks...You really made my day!

I really cannot wait to see your work! You know clocks are another thing I love...

Saskia said...


Ik wens ja alvast héél véél succes met Braderij!!! De ringen met vilt vind ik ook héél mooi!!

Tijd te weinig hier om de dingen te doen waar ik van hou : kaarten maken, breien, met vilt werken, haken,... en dan natuurlijk nog het gezin en huishouden! :)

Bedankt om mee te doen aan de 'zomer candy'! Succes!

Lieve groetjes,
Saskia :)