the Genie of Resignation

The Genie of Resignation lives somewhere, between the Blue Planet and the Moon. She bears the voices of the universal soul, our prayers and our curses.
She has always been and she has always looked at us with understanding, but she cannot act, she can just tolerate.
She is not perfect; her soul is much like the human soul.
That's why sometimes she suffers, of our pain, of our cruelty of our insanity.
I hear her voice, singing a sad lullaby, in the nights I cannot sleep.
Sometimes she seems so near, sometimes I hear her thoughts her sadness.
Sometimes her tears fall on the top of my tree and shine like diamonds in the dawn light.
I will take her hands in my hands and cuddle the Earth till the morning comes...
Dear Friends,
I want to thank all of you for your e-mails and kind comments, during my long silence.
The truth is that my life has taken a strange turn starting from after my surgery (from which I can say I am now fully recovered).
In the last month a serie of "things" has happened to me, hard and weird, unfortunately I don't really see any positive on them...or better...the positive is I am still feeling like coming up for the people I love.
I have begun painting again, this is what I FEEL I have to do now. I hope you like my genie (pencil and watercolour on smooth paper)
You are really fabulous people and your presence in my life warms up my heart.
This Genie is a present for you all.
The next post will be my 100th post and I am planning to give away one of the miniature paintings I am working on, (more details will come) so keep tuned to participate to my CANDY!
I send you all LOTS AND LOTS of LOVE!


Kim said...

Eva- I am glad to hear that you are healed- but I am sad to hear that you have struggled. Sometimes we can only listen to what the universe is telling us and go with our heart. If you feel you must paint- then painting it is! I love the painting- and of course love the story that goes along with it. The magic is in the stories I believe. I am glad that you have come back to blogging- please know I will always listen if you need a friend to talk to. Much love to you this week!!

elena fiore said...

Ciao Evilla, che bello vedere tra le foto del tuo blog, anche i "tetti di casa tua"...Immaginare gli scorci che i tuoi occhi guardano al di là delle finestre.
E un grazie-grande-così, per il bellissimo commento che oggi mi hai lasciato.
L'ho apprezzato molto!
Buona serata, ciao.


Debbie said...

Eva sorry to hear that you've been ill, but glad to hear that you are now recovered.
Love being sent your way..xx

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Kim: dear Kim, i am back and i am really better now. I have had a tough period and I want to apologize for not replying your kind comment before. I really thank you from the deep of my heart, I hope you'll like my new updates and that we'll be keeping in touch again!

@Elena: grazie Elena! che bello vederti passare di qui!Un abbraccione di lana calda...visto che il tempo "permette"!

@Debbie: hi Debbie, I am better now...that was not a great illness...it was more some sorrow coming along. But now we're both back in our lovely Blogland: I cannot see a better deal!
Take care xxx

rosanna said...

Ti avevo scritto e non è rimasta traccia. Mi dispiace tanto.Rosanna