Welcome to Nikki and a little piece of news...

My Dear Friends,

this is probably going to b the shortest post of my blogging life...

First of all I want to say welcome to nikki @ witch and wizard miniatures

I think I don't need to introduce her to my readers since she is, together with Debbie, one of the greatest miniaturist artists in the blogsphere...

Nikki I am really honoured to have you among my readers...

WELCOME by Prunella's Cove!

now...about me, after the surgery I have had some little problems due to some kind of gas they used. So this is the first day I am being able to seat...
I have been doing really nothing for a whole week if you don't consider getting addicted to TWILIGHT an activity!!!!
I will not be able to participate to the market, since I am still weak and a little bit blue é_è...
So now you know almost all...I hope I will be in a better mood in the next day and I also hope I will be able to make some little thing to show you.
Thanks to all the ones asking about me via mail or comments: That made me feel better!
Write to you soon


Kim said...

don't rush it Eva- get lots of rest so you heal properly. There will be another market-most important is a healthy and healed Eva.

Big hug to you!!

Eva said...

Cara Eva,
take it easy!!. Hope you have been recovered soon!!
Huge kiss

rosanna said...

Ciao piccolina, come stai? ti ho pensato, a Edinburgo abbiamo anche trovato una pianta per te: la Prunella Grandiflora! Appena metto a posto le foto te la mando. Tua mamma è ancora lì da te? fatti viziare un pochino se puoi e prenditela calma. Ogni intervento, grande piccolo che sia, deve essere trattato con rispetto. Ossia non prendere niente sotto gamba. Un abbraccio forte Rosanna

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Eva. You emailed me a few days ago and i still need to email you back. My apologies. I also thought you would be resting.
I am blushing here too, lol!
I hope you feel better soon and can do something you like doing again.
Get well soon!
Nikki xxx

Roberta said...

Ciao chicca.... mi sto rimettendo in pari con tutto quello che avete scritto in questo mese di mia "quasi" assenza...
Sono felice che ora tu stia bene ma mi raccomando riguardati e, come dice Rosanna, fatti coccolare, che non fa mai male!!!!
Ti mando un bacione grande grande
A presto

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Eva. I hope you are getting better now. Get well wishes to you!
I was looking on some blogs tonight and thought of you.
I liked the clay work you were busy making a little while ago and thought you may like this site. It would be good to look at for ideas for your boxes.

And then this one which also has some nice clay work:

I hope you like them too.

Nikki xxx

Kim said...

Hi Eva-

I am sure you are still trying to recover- I wanted to pop by and tell you that I have been thinking of you and I hope that you are well.

I miss you!!!!

Hope you are having a good day,

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Kim: Dear Kim, thanks for your kind comments and e-mails! I am "back in town" and I will write you an e-mail in the next days! XXX
@Eva:thanks a lot, I am better now and I really appreciate that you passed by to leave this kind "get better" comments! you guys are special!
@Rosanna: Ciao Cara Rosanna! Sto meglio adesso grazie per i tuoi commenti e la tua telefonata! Ti abbraccio
@Nikki: Dear Nikki! thanks for your comments and e-mail! I am back and I hope I can keep up!
hear you soon xxx
@Roberta: Ciao Carissima! Come vedi anch'io sono stata per un po' fuori dal mondo...e non solo da quello virtuale :(...ora sono tornata! grazie per il tuo gentile commento! Un abbraccio