Friendship Award

Good Morning dear Friend,

My friend Kim from Flowers & Art has passed me this award (click on the link to see the original post):
This is the Friendship Award- started by Kathi from http://beautifulminiblessings.blogspot.com
Here are the rules:

"The rules are simple. Just pick three friends - I know that's hard! Choose someone who has inspired you or brought joy into your life. Let them know how much you appreciate them by giving them this award and ask them to pass it on! Then please link back to this post so I can see who receives this award! That's it! Hope you enjoy sharing this award with your friends!"
Of course is very difficult to share this just with 3 friends. We are here in such a nice community. It's very easy to get in touch and stick together having the same passions.
I want you all to know that I really feel you are all my friends out there...
But now the hardest part...the choice...

I want first to pass this award back to Kim @ http://flowerkim.blogspot.com/. I have had a very tough moment last month and she never gave up caring about me sending me e-mails and commenting on the few messages I could post on my blog. My idea of friendship is being friends in all situations, being patient and caring, being THERE where your friend needs you to be. Kim is all this: a caring, faithful, lovely friend and the fact she was there has been one of the things taking me out of the "dark". THANKS KIM!
I want to pass the award to Roberta @ http://ilboratoriodipitosfora.blogspot.com/ she is a friend and we have a lot in common, like having a lovely daughter, loving little pretty things, being sensitive and being Italian (hehe, sorry, but I still love my far away country!). She was also worried about me and she sent me very nice messaging encouraging me to "come back"! Thanks Roberta!
The third friend I want to give this award to is Debbie @ http://debbiestinytreasures.blogspot.com/ .
Debbie has been my "muse" into my first "mini love" and she has always been very kind and encouraging. When she has been absent I have missed her very much and I have realized how important her presence in Blogland was for me.
So the message from me to Debbie is just...THANKS FOR BEING SO FABULOUS! I hope you recover completely and very soon!
................I should be finished now, but I want to cheat....can I?
The 4th...not last for importance is my friend Rosanna @ http://lastanzadigiuggiola.blogspot.com/.
Rosanna is a caring and lovely woman. I have been so lucky to be able to meet her last summer and I hope this was not the last time we have had the chance to meet!
Her enthusiasm is contagious...she is so full of energy and happy! I just feel good in her company and I am not the only one of the family: Laura finds her fabulous! So ROSANNA thanks for being so nice and let's hope we can soon meet again!
It's really difficult (é_è) to make such a choice...I love you all!!!!!!!
Now about what's going on at the moment:
1) Kim's present under construction
2) still didn't make the present for the school mate of my daughter (why am I such a procrastinator!!!!)
3) I have made a new ring...pictures later today...
4) working on my novel, got new inspiration from Wuthering Heights (what a wonderful book is that!!!!?????)
Now I go back to my job(s)


Debbie said...

Thank you Eva for the award and your lovely comments. I'm healing well..xx

Kim said...

Eva- you are a very treasured and dear friend to me also♥ I wish I could give you a big hug in person♥

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Debbie: Dear Debbie, I am happy to hear you are healing ^_^I have been thinking about you a lot! keep on resting good and taking good care of yourself!
I send you a big hug.

@kim: Lovely Kim, I have had your bug hug through the net! :)
it's such a pity we're so far! we should create a real version of our Blogland: that would be super cool!