Halloween @ Prunella's Cove

Halloween @ Prunella's Cove - Watercolour, ecoline, acryl ink

Good Morning Dear Friends,

The weekend has been very "productive":

I have finished a little Halloween present for Nikki @ Witch and Wizard Miniatures : She has been very nice to me during my illness, so I really wanted to send her a sign of my friendship...to thank her once again!

I have forgotten to take pictures of her present! é_è...I am not yet so me...The old myself took pictures of everything!

I have than began my "thank present" n. 2 for my GREAT friend Kim @ Flowers & Art I hope she'll like the surprise...still have some work on it (including taking pictures of the finished work ^-^)

I also have a new challenge...

My little one has to participate to the Halloween Party of one of her schoolmates. I was planning to give her some "treat" to take along...I was actually thinking about a finger puppet in Halloween style (pumpkin, ghost, witch, spider...) but I accept your ideas (I'd love to have some actually *_*)

Now, This year we bought some HALLOWEEN decorations...

I know that as a crafter I should be thinking about making my own, but I am aware that due to my down period in the previous months I don't have to push myself too far...so Laura and I just choose the option BUY.

Here you have some pictures of the things we bought...

I will hang the whole thing on Thursday evening...
On Friday evening I am going to perform together with the "Theatre Company Cartouche" in Halloween scenes in the Coolhem domain
We'll be playing some ghosts of Templar Knights and Ladies dead in violent circumstances...
Public will be the children of a School, we'll surely have fun! (more details after the play not to "spoil")
Some "bad" news I have too....My oven has passed away, so no clay baking for undetermined time...
Luckily I have hobbies enough!
Well this was a "fat" post!
I send you all lots of love


Kim said...

Eva- what are you thanking me for? I am excited that I have a present coming- but not sure what I have done? Your Halloween decorations are very cute! I think a finger puppet for your daughter would be really cute- you should do it out of felt with some of your sweet embroidery and beading! Or even a little picture you have painted- the one on this post is adorable! How fun to be in the Halloween performance- are you going to take any pictures? Your oven- oh no!!! I am so sorry to hear this bad news! I have almost destroyed mine with the burning of the clay I did the other day, but I am hoping it can be saved :) Lots of hugs to you today!!!!!


Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Dear Kim, you don't know what I am thanking you for? ready for the list? ^_^
you always take the time to leave a comment to my posts, sometimes you are the only one commenting and you are always kind and really encouraging. You cannot imagine how this has helped me out! You wrote me while I was "missing" and you didn't expect a reply, you simply...knew, I was not in the status to keep in touch, but you didn't mind, you just kept on supporting me. Than, when I popped out again in the blogsphere, you were there to welcome me...I hope you know how special you are! My present will really be nothing respect what you did for me. You are a very good friend. I am really happy to know you.

I think i am going to follow your advise and make a little felt monster for my daughter friend I'll show you guys pictures. I hope I will get pictures of the performance and YES! that will be fun(ny)

é_è Yes, I killed the oven! hehe I hope yours will be luckier!



Kim said...

Eva- that is the sweetest thing ever- I think that your comment is the best present of all. Sometimes I worry that I bother people too much so it makes me happy that I am helpful to you and I am so very glad you are feeling better- I was worried about you and thought of you a lot :) I cannot wait to see the finger puppet monster- I hope you are able to take a picture of it before it goes to the new owner:)

Big hug to you too- you are a wonderful friend!!!!

Kim said...

Eva- I have an award for you on my blog if you would like to play along:)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Kim: Dear Kim, you really honour me with this award! I am going to post it right away!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Oh wow, i have not been able to read all the blogs recently and thought i had best read them all today.
Then i just read you have made a present for me and feel bad i did not get here sooner.
I will look forward to your gift arriving and post some pics when it does. I love gifts that are handmade and thank you so much for thinking of me. Its really kind of you!

I think the halloween decorations you have bought are beautiful and they look handmade.
I too have not been able to make any because i keep running out of time. But i do have some pumpkins and will be carving them tomorrow ready for Saturday.
I'm going to make them look like they have been partying and have been sick. I hope it works.

Hope your plays goes well and look forward to an update and pictures.

Thank you once again for the gift and hope it arrives soon.

Nikki xxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Love your halloween watercolour too!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Nikki: Actually I have to apologize, I was planning to inform you about the present and I simply forgot...I am not really able to remember all the things I have or I want to do! I hope you get my parcel very soon and I hope that you like it.

Thanks a lot for your nice comment.
Laura, my daughter has chosen the decoration and we have super horror plans for Saturday night!
that will be fun!

I am really scared for that play...being in the woods alone in the dark...hehe...that's just the perfect feeling...if you are not the ghost!

I'hope someone will take pictures for me to show!

I wish you a nice weekend!