Welcome and AWARD!

Good Morning dear Friends,

thanks for bearing with me once again!

In a serious delay I want to thank and say welcome to 5 new followers (I am definitely late with the welcoming stuff! é_è)


Miriam @http://sospesaneltempo.blogspot.com/

Giò @http://giogiart.blogspot.com/

Wanda: she has a lot of sites (all of them worthy the visit...and more!) one I particularly like:


Potion Princess @http://helenwilltroybeautyproducts.blogspot.com/


I sugeest you to have a look at their places! They are all really nice, full of brilliant ideas and cosy!

I love them all!

Thanks a lot dear ladies! xxx

Now...a BIG thanks goes to my lovely friend ROBERTA @ http://ilboratoriodipitosfora.blogspot.com/
and to my dearest friend Kim @ http://flowerkim.blogspot.com/

they have passed me this lovely award!

THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES! I love this award! ^_^

Here are the award rules:

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.

2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.

3. Link the person who nominated you.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.

5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'

6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

ITALIANO: regole dell'award:

1. Ringrazia la persona che ti ha assegnato l'award
2. Copia la foto e mettila sul tuo blog
3.inserisci un link al blog della persona che ti ha assegnato il premio
4. nomina 7 cose di te che nessuno sa...
5. Nomina altri 7 "BLOGGER CREATIVI"
6. inserisci un link al blog delle persone che hai nominato
7. Lascia un commento su ogni blog informandoli di aver loro assegnato l'award

--------so....... O_o..... 7 things of me nobody knows?

1. I am terrified of spiders and any kind of insect, even the ones doing nothing...I just get unreasonably hysterical when one of them approaches...The virtual spider i have put on my Blog (Archie) is not an exception...I am horrified of it, but I try to socialize...is kind of therapy *_*

2. I bite my nails in a very bad way since I was 1, well, actually since i have learned to move my hands consciously. there have been periods I have stopped, but it has never lasted long...

3. my biggest dream is going to Australia, but it is lightly in conflict with my fear for spiders...

4. I want to become a novelist...I have published a very small tale and I am now working at my masterpiece (something like The Great Gatsby for Scott Fitzgerald) I am now on chapter 4...

5. My husband had our first appointment in Paris in February 2003: he left from Belgium and I left from Italy, where I was still living at that time, and we met by the rail at the "Gare du Nord"... we moved to live together after 6 months from that day! (aww...so romantic! ^_^)

6. I have studied Japanese and Russian at the University. I don't remember anything of the second and very little of the first one...i have never used them again...

7. I love monsters (mummies, vampires, werewolves...) movies but cannot I stand serial killers movies ("the chainsaw massacre" is a great example of a movie I have seen a scene of, where nothing was happening and I have been freaking out for a week!): that's how it is -HORROR IS OK IF IT IS NOT TOO REAL!

well...these are really some hidden sides of me...reading back what I have written i feel like i am kind of freaky in a certain way ;-)

I hope you enjoyed the sensational revelations, ha ha!


Now My 7 nominees! (this is the hard part!) first of all I want to assign it back to Kim and Roberta (I allow you not to begin the whole thing again!) i just do it symbolically, because I think they really deserve it!

1. Marilena @ http://lovetopaintetc.blogspot.com/ she makes very nice creations, I follow her since quite a while and I love what she can make! she is incredibly creative!

2.Mamma Chicca @ http://labottegadichicca.blogspot.com/
i love her creations and she is very very good in the sewing thing!

3. Barbara @ http://speedycreativa.blogspot.com/ have a look at her blog it talks from itself! fabulous!

4.Saskia @ http://lusaro-snippers.blogspot.com/ she is great in scrapbooking and card making and a lot more!

5. Eva @ http://mini-escenas.blogspot.com/ I love her minis and room boxes...she is really good and incredibly creative!

6. Casey @ http://caseymini.blogspot.com/ : she and Tessie make my day at every post!

7. Fra @ http://lavoralalana.blogspot.com/: she is creative and she doesn't mind to share! her blog is surely worthy a visit and a come back too!

All the above mentioned crafter are really talented, but I know 100s of talented crafters deserving this award! ...but i had to choose 7 and this was my choice for this time...

Now I go notify my nominees....I will soon be back with some updates!

In the meantime enjoy your day



MammaChicca said...

Ciao Eva, grazie mille per il premio ne sono onorata!!!

Saskia said...

Thanks for the lovely Award!!!

Sweet greetings,

Eva said...

Hi Eva, this is the other Eva :)
What can I say? many, many thanks for the award and your nice words about my work....I will post it in my blog of awards.

I want to tell you something about me....I work with insects ^^, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes... :)
I know...they are disgusting but...

Fra said...

Grazie davvero!!! Chissà se mi merito davvero tutti questi premi che mi date?

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@MammaChicca: Non c'è di che è un premio meritatissimo!

@Saskia: You're welcome! i love your cards it a fully deserved prize!

@Eva: Hi (Other) Eva! ^_^
you are welcome! i love your room boxes and minis!

Oh my gosh! I think i could die if i should be obliged to spend my day among the insects...or just get over it? that will remain a doubt forever...I don't wanna try! :-D

@Fra: Te li meriti sì cara fra! Sei bravissima! un bacione

rosanna said...

Non riesco a mandarti un commento. l'ultimo non è apparso....Ti dicevo bentornata e mi scusavo per il fatto che non ci sentiamo dal 13 settembre.Ribentornata e spero tu ti senta davvero meglio Un abbraccio Rosanna

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Rosanna: ma si che me lo hai mandato! sull'altro post :)
grazie cara, mi sento davvero meglio e sono supercontenta di essere tornata!!!!
un bacione xxx