Candy winner, new readers and some Halloween (part 1)...SO MANY THINGS?

Hi Dear Friends!
First of all I want to welcome three new readers...

and Antonella...I couldn't find the link to Antonella blog...(Antonella, grazie per essere diventata lettrice del mio blog ^_^ ne hai uno tu? dammi il link che o faccio conoscere alle altre lettrici! :)
all the blogs are really worthy a visit! (the cooking-blog of cockerina is super yummy!)
and the winner is...
I want to apologize for how late I am giving you the result of the 100th message BLOG CANDY little CONTEST.
We have had a very sad weekend...Laura has high fever since 2 days and my husband's grandfather has passed away...he was a very nice old man, who has been very healthy and strong since his 90, now he was 92 and he has left this world passing from sleep to death.
We are going to tell him the last goodbye on Thursday November 5th.
Today Davy has been so kind to help me "fishing" the winner...here you have the result:
Laura is in the underground of the picture she wanted to assist but she didn't want to help (she felt too weak for that...)
is the winner!
DANIELA hai vinto il mio Candy, puoi mandarmi il tuo indirizzo su evilla_grandiflora@libero.it
thanks to all of you for participating....stay tuned by the way: this month is the Evilla Prunella's Creations blog 1ST BIRTHDAY!
so another BLOG CANDY will come shortly!
Laura and I were home alone the whole weekend, due to the whole world outside the door going weird. Laura wanted to have her Halloween Party and Mom decided that it was no problem. She is too little to stay still in front of sorrow.
so to match funny and useful mom decided to make witches soup
for the soup
pumpkin 1/2 medium big one
onion 1
potato 1
walnuts 15 g
vegetables stock cube 1
800 ml water
for the spiders
minced beef 500g
1 egg
bread crumbs
spaghetti or fettuccini
chop the onion and stove in olive oil, add the pumpkin grossly chopped, walnuts (just the inside! :), the potato grossly chopped, the vegetable stock cube and stir a couple of time than add water and let it boil until the potato is soft than mix it to a liquid soup (no pieces left). Taste and eventually adjust the taste with some salt pepper (I personally like to add some nutmeg)
a witch soup is not complete if you don't add...SPIDERS!
so here how I make spiders
I put the minced meat in a bowl together with the egg and some bread crumbs i mix with my hand till it's soft and not so sticky than I make some little balls, the size of a grape.
I break than spaghetti or fettuccini in 3 parts and use them for the legs as shown in the pictures.
the spiders need to cook long enough for the pasta to be al dente!
that was yummy but Laura (who hates vegetables and most of all any kind of SOUP!) didn't even want to taste of it...
she liked the cake better :) but this is for HALLOWEEN @PRUNELLA's cove part II!
now I go to bed tomorrow it's again a working day é_è


Eva said...

I am sorry to hear about your husband's grandfather. :(
And I hope that your daughter is getting better.
Take care!!!

Congrats to Daniela

A Huge hug o kisses as we say in Spain

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Eva: Thanks a lot Eva. You are very kind!
hugs from belgium,

cockerina said...

ciao Evilla, sono dispiaciuta per il nonno, fai le condoglianze a tuo marito.. ed un baciano alla bimba!!

ciao Caterina

Kim said...

Congratulations Daniela!!!

I am so sorry to hear of your husband's grandfathers passing. Much love to your family as you lay him to rest.

I hope little Laura feels better soon-no fun being sick!! The soup looks quite delicious to me- but maybe not when I was Laura's age. I hated tomatoes as a child and now I love them- oh how we change as we age :)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Caterina: grazie Caterina, da parte di tutti noi. Un abbraccio.

@Kim:Thanks Kim, I really feel you are close to us now.

You are right about the soup: Laura eats mostly with her eyes, so things need to be not only very good in taste, but really nice to see as well. I just thought she would get into the Halloween thing and choose for the horror side of food once! :-)
big hug

daniela sognidiperlej12m13 said...

Carissima Eva, oggi finalmente stò un pò meglio e passo a ringraziarti ufficialmente, sarà un vero piacere ricevere e pubblicare il tuo regalo.
Se non ho capito male ( ma perchè scrivi in inglese??!!)hai avuto un lutto in famiglia, mi spiace tantissimo e Vi faccio le mie condoglianze più sentite.
Un caro abbraccio.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Daniela: Il tuo regalo non ancora stato spedito e me ne scuso...ti ringrazio per il pensiero gentile nel lasciare il tuo commento. Il nonno di mio marito, il 'mio' nonno belga ci ha lasciati. Sembra strano, ma è stato molto doloroso per me, anche se era molto anziano e ormai non comunicava più da qualche tempo.

Scrivo in inglese perché avevo incominciato a 'bloggare'così: essendo in Belgio i conoscenti che ho non parlano italiano.
Ho anche un blog italiano i miei "scarabocchi"....

Spedisco il tuo pacco in settimana...e mi scuso di nuovo per non averlo ancora fatto!
Un abbraccio!