Cirque de Vie..."The Circus"

Martinette Balance - watercolour on Bristol paper (cut out shape) - Made by Me ^-^

I have begun making this serie of illustrations for a story I want to write "THE CIRCUS"...not really sure about the story behind the drawing...this is how it looks like by now

the circus tent was up, shining in the sunny autumn afternoon.
"The sky is so clean today, what can I wish more than sun?" saying that she made a jump on her ball, and immediately after she landed back at the same place.

She was the balance of the circus company, she never exceeded and she never was in panic.

"Today is good" she said "I have to enjoy so that it will be easier for me to face the next bad day!" she smiled and she went on exercising on her big rainbow ball...

Hope you like this...



Kim said...

oh- Eva- I LOVE the circus- and stories about the circus- I am so excited!!! I love Martinette Balance- very colorful and fun!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Thanks Kim, I am happy you like Martinette. She is a positive, happy, caring little wimsy!
Hope you'll like the other characters too!