Illustration Friday: SKINNY

Skinny - Eva Russo graphite and watercolour

This is my entry for this week topic @ Illustration Friday!
This is my first entry!

The topic was SKINNY...maybe my drawing is more SKINNED, but the little banana elf is really skinny isn't he?

Illustration Friday , for the ones among you who do not know it, is a site for illustrators (all skills): they propose a topic every week for which you can submit your entry all media are accepted...

I think this is really cool and since my oven is still not working I can keep on painting and stitching for a while!




Annette Q said...

What an original idea...I love it! :-)

Kim said...

Love your entry! I like this idea- I think I may need to try it out after I finish my christmas things I am working on- what fun! Can anyone join in? I better go have a look! Thanks Eva!!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Annette: thanks a lot for your comment and for your visit! I think you are a wonderful artist! I hope you enjoyed your stay at Prunella's cove!
@Kim: thanks Kim! I am happy you like it and that would be wonderful if you would like to participate as well!
this is really challanging and that gives you the possibility to stimulate the creativity...it's like going to a school in a certain way!

tanja said...

magical idea - welcome to illustration friday!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Tania: thanks a lot! I love your illustrations too! I like the way you use watercolor!
Thanks for passing by and for your kind comment!
x Hugs