Paradise Bird Postcard

Hi Dear Friends,

I hope you are doing fine today.

I wanted to show you my last watercolour postcard, the "Paradise Bird". This will be available in my etsy shop later today.

I have a lot of to do's...

1) finish my surprise fo Kim @ Flowers & Art (Kim I am ashamed on how long I am letting you wait! I am so unable to begin something and stay focused till I am finished...but I am busy...^_^ hope you will be happy with it even if you had to wait so much!!!!)

2) send out the parcel of my Candy blog to Daniela! (yes é_è...she is still waiting!)

3) Begin working on my present for the Christmas swap organized by Rosanna

4) I have a couple of illustrations in progress one is a "Alice in Wonderland" on a big watercolour paper sheet...I am really taking my time with this one. I need to learn patience, to improve, so i am forcing myself to do a little bit of it each day...

5)I want to begin making some presents for my friends and family for Christmas...still looking for original ideas...(I will gledly accept and cherish every help on this!)

....this is just what comes to my mind now.

Anyway...have you seen that all my energy seems to be back? You cannot imagine how much I have missed it. And again I can just thank you all and my craft box for this!

Love you all!


Shirley said...

Oh what a sweet bird! Love the colors...
my, you made my morning..what with your wonderfully kind and generous words, and then for your purchase of the bookmark...thank you, Evilla! You are a generous soul. I will be back to check in on your lovely work...I am so happy to have "met" via this world of blog. All the best, Shirley

Kim said...

Eva- please do not worry about me- I love surprises and the wait just makes it more exciting! You are a sweetheart to think of me :)

I love the colors in this painting- so happy! I have begun my swap item for Rosanna's christmas swap too. I have a very talented artist to send to, so I am a bit nervous- but I think she will like my idea :)

I am excited to see Alice in Wonderland.

One year I made garlands for my family with felt mittens with Merry Christmas spelled out on the mittens. Then all the mittens were attatched to a rope. Last year I painted trays with snowmen scenes and then I put a couple of mugs and packets of hot cocoa on each tray. Have fun with all that you are creating!!

theartofpuro said...

Carinissima!I colori sono stupendi!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Eva.
I wanted to say thankyou for the beautiful book mark which arrived yesterday. I am thrilled with it and already it is in use with my reading.
I love that it has my name on too.
Thank you for making for me.
I have put pictures on my blog as a thank you too.

For hand made presents i always think hampers/baskets are a nice idea filled with a mixture of items to suit each person.
Some you could buy and some you could make.

Last year for my sister and her daughters i made a beauty and cinema night basket which i dressed in black, silver and gold ribbons.
Inisde i put things for the bath/shower and nice hair products, some nice pyjamas each, cups with cocoa and marshmallows in and sweets for watching the tv.
I made little things like a few christmas decorations for their tree too and mixed them in.

It takes so long to make so many gifts but i will try and think of some ideas for you.

Thank you once again for your beautiful gift.

Nikki xxx

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Shirley: Thanks to you for passing by Shirley! You are so gentle and such a great artist.I am happy too that i found you! your illustrations are so inspiring and you are really nice: Blogland is bringing me all the time beautiful friends!
It was a pleasure to purchase your bookmark ^_^

@Kim: you are always so nice! I would like to be able to organize a little bit better...but i am that kind of a "messy artist"

@theartofpuro: ma che bello che sei passata a trovarmi! Grazie mille!

@Nikki: Dear Nikki, that was such a great pleasure to make your bookmark. I am happy you like it.
Thanks for publishing it on your blog!

Thanks to all of you for your fabulous ideas for Christmas presents! i am going to think about it over the weekend...and than begin!