Welcome and.....^_^

Hi dear friends,

In this cold...COLD...day...I was "cool" enough to discover that I have a few new readers to welcome (Sorry that it lasted so long) so...


Thanks a lot for following my Blog! Your blogs are really gorgeous!
I have passed my weekend making plushies (!!!!!) and on Saturday evening FINALLY

I have got my treat!

With my hubby snorting and fuming at every romantic or "too untrue" scene and with me melting at every kiss and almost crying when Edward left Bella...

But geeeeeee...it was worthy!

I am still daydreaming (please, forgive this childish behaviuour, but I really have that teenage feeling with Twilight!)...

Ok, try to do some work and I hope to be able to post some update later today...

I wish you all a bright day full of joy!



Kim said...

oh hooray- I am so glad you were able to see it! I am the same with my hubby- I will probably have to wait till it hits dvd and then watch it alone :)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Kim: thanks a lot Kim! who dares...wins! ;-)
I have to say it's not really funny to have a 'steam train' next to you while watching a movie requiring emotional concentration LOL!!!!
but i am SOOOOOOO happy i could see the movie! SO ROMANTIC! I could see it 100000000 times!
Now i am going to unpatiently wait for the DVD together with you...^_^
have a great Week kim!

Saskia said...

Dag Eva,

Wow... ik heb vandaag het pakketje voor de 'art exchange' ontvangen! Hartelijk bedankt!! Prachtig werk... ik ben een 'leesbeest', dus de bladwijzer is direct bruikbaar! :)

Lieve groetjes, Saskia :)

**En natuurlijk is jouw pakketje op komst... nog even geduld...**

Roberta said...

Piacevolissimo sentirti cosi' felice e su di giri...
Un grande abbraccio

Daniela Cerri said...