Doodle my monkey man...practicing Graphite...

Hallo Dear Friends!

This is Doodle, my crappy OC.

it took me about 3 hours work.

Ok...I know that this is...how can I describe this...crappy? I wanted to make a drawing practicing graphite It is a mix between the man of my dream (long black hair and piercing) a monkey (under part of face) and Howl Jenkins Pendragon (earrings and blinky gaze)...
I have been practicing shadows with the pencil. I have been observing the behaviour of the pencil using it in different ways...I have finally used expensive pencils and I am happy about my crap...

Does it make sense?

I am super in a hurry...but I'll be back ;-)
take care


Debbie said...

Keep going Eva eventually you will get it how you want it.. x

Kim said...

I am so glad you are using those pencils....the way to greatness is through practice, practice and experience :) fun to use those pencils, isn't it? Hope you have a good day my friend ♥

lakhsmita indira said...

you're good at it! :))
while me, im such a lousy! :D

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Debbie: thanks a lot Debbie! I'll keep it up!
Hugs :)

@kim: Dear kim, you have supported me in doing this! i was thinking about what you told me and foud the courage to give it a further try!
Thanks ♥

@ lakhsmita indira: On the contrary! Your illustrations are gorgeous and really inspiring!
I am happy that you like my doodle!
thanks for your kind comment!