Good Afternoon dear Friends,

I am back, and with some work done...finally! ^_^

On the 6th of March (starting from 1 PM) I will be doing demonstration of my decoration techniques on boxes in the shop where I buy all my crafting material (great shop by the way)

Boomsesteenweg 56/1
2630 Aartselaar

I am preparing some boxes to take along and the one here below is one of them. I have painted it with gouache and finished it with a special decoupage glue.
I like the result.
What do you think?
(if you click it pops out bigger)

I am probably going to have more box pictures in the next days...(I have become a box monster!!! huahahahah è_é)...

I want to show you some more of my works in progress:

The first one is Dragana:


Colour in progress

Dragana is the advisor genie of Cornwal the wizard of Light and Dark one of the OC of my new novel.
She is half genie half plant and she gets into her "veggie" status during the night and solar eclipses.
It took some time...
tools: cheap pencil ^^'  (I am again off with my expensive pencil set! :(...)

I hope you like her...I am being very scared about spoiling it with the colour...(as I did with my previous WIP "Chastity"...long sad story...)

MARINA, The sea spirit  WIP (Graphite, watercolour, watercolour ink pencils (inktense Derwent)

Again a big painting...again a WIP...it seems I cannot finish anything lately...just too many ideas and less focus This is Marina. She is a sea genie and, I don't know if it's understandable from the bad picture, she has all sort of sea life in her hair.

By the way...do you get that the left down corner is sea and rocks?

My husband said it doesn't look like sea and rocks... :(
....Well a whole bunch of things this time...I hope there's some "likes" among them!
Now I go back to work and keep on crying...oh, I almost forgot to tell you this: I HAVE LOST MY MP3 PLAYER 4 days ago...meaning a disaster to me...I am still recovering from the shock...I know it's childish, but I can't help...:((((((((
ok...bye bye now...I send you a wish star for today and a lot of positive mood (and some to myself too)!


Eva said...

Congratulations on the demonstration. The box looks pretty.
I love Deagana...wonderful!

Shirley said...

OOh! Your box is beautiful and I so enjoy seeing your Works in Progress..these are coming along so nicely! But I hate to ask, what has happened to your Chastity painting..sometimes that happens to me, too, and you just have to let it go. Moving forward right? I hope you have a wonderful time demonstrating your process - it is always great to catch up with you and what you have been up to!

theartofpuro said...

Congratulazioni per la mostra!La scatola e' adorabile!I disegni stanno venendo bene,nn vedo l'ora di vederli finiti:)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Eva: thanks a lot for your kind comment!

@Shirley: Aww, thanks a lot for being so kind Shirley!
I have spoiled Chastity trying to colour it. Now I am waiting until I find the ourage to depicture it again...but I must move on indeed.
Thanks a lot for the visit that makes me happy!
take care

@theartofpuro: grazie mille...sono lenta e dispersiva, ma ci arriverò! Grazie per il supporto, lo apprezzo molto!