In the valley where the butterflies can kiss the wind.... (part 1)

Vlien - Graphite and Watercolour on Winsor & Newton watercolour paper 300 g/m²

An Irish blessing says

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun.
And find your shoulder to light on.
To bring you luck, happiness and riches.
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

A long time ago, when the water of the river could still quench a pilgrim's thirst, there was a village named Lux. In that village lived a girl called Myria with eyes like pieces of sky and soft crimson lips.

Myria loved flowers, and she spent all her free time in the open place next to the lake. The Butterflies Lake, as it was called, was surrounded by acres and acres of meadow speckled with beautiful flowers and all kinds of beautiful butterflies flew gracious from flower to flower.

Myria could stay there and observe them for hours.

One day while she was sitting under a tree enjoying the noise of the leaves shaken by the wind she heard a voice:

"Only one kiss, from a butterfly, will save my life..."

she turned, and she saw a beautiful man dressed like a king standing on a little hill. Around him thousand butterflies were flying and it seemed they were dancing.

Myria approached him and she saw that he was made of a thin mist

"Who are you...and what happened to you?"

"I am Papilion the Prince of the butterfly fairies. Aracnia, an ancient and powerful witch, enemy to the butterflies' folk has put a spell on me...only a pure heart, who would like to sacrifice for me, could ever set me free from this spell.
Nobody by now has had the will to give up its own life...to give me back mine"

"You were talking about a kiss..."

"If I tell you more, you would be involved...are you sure you want to know?"

Myria nodded, even if her heart was full of fear.

The prince begun to sing, and his voice was soft and deep. the butterflies flew around him making his hair flatter. He was gorgeous.

Only a pure heart
a daughter of the sun
can set my soul free
can make this spell undone

Through the darkest wood
on the highest hills
She has to be good
and give up her will

No longer she'll be
a daughter of Eve
she'll join the butterflies
yet it's hard to believe

If you will surrender
and give your life to me
you'll change in a butterfly
but you can be my queen.

Once his song finished while the sun was setting behind the lake the prince changed into a warm breeze and he caressed the lips of Myria, who remained still and unable to say or do anything.

[to be continued...]
PS: this story is my creation - I apologize for my broken English.

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In the valley where the butterflies can kiss the wind....is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.


Debbie said...

Looking forward to hearing the rest of your Story Eva. xx

Kim said...

oh Eva- a new story!!! I think that this is one of the best drawings you have ever done- I love the colors and your shading is wonderful. I cannot wait for the next part of the story♥

bipbip said...

Che bello il tuo disegno...mi piace tantissimo, ma la storia in italiano no? E'un pò lunghetta da leggere per il mio inglese così cosi!! Deve essere meravigliosa anche lei!! Baci e Kisses, fin qui ci arrivo!!

Nicola said...

This is a stunning piece!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Debbie: thanks Debbie, you can read it right now...

@kim: aw, thanks Kim, you are always so kind and caring to me!
I have posted the second part I hope you'll like it!
Take care <3

@BipBip: ciao carissima! Grazie mille, sono contenta che il disegno ti piaccia...farò del mio meglio per la storia. Mi è uscita così ^_^'

@Nicola: thanks a lot for your kind words and for the visit!
It's always nice to find one of your comments! ^_^
Take care

elena fiore said...

Ma che bell'espressione che ha questo viso! Complimenti, è davvero molto intenso.
Un abbraccio e buona serata, ciao.

theartofpuro said...

Bellissimo!Adoro i colori!